Summer Lovin’

Monday, May 4th, 2009 • 5 Comments on Summer Lovin’

Yes, yes, I have been neglecting my blog.  I swear I have good reasons, but I should be back around more often now.  I hope.

This is the last week of the semester.  Can I get a hallelujah?  I will be very happy to get the last of the essays graded and the final grades posted.  I don’t teach in the summer semester, so I have about a three month break.  And what shall I be doing on that break?  Oh my, so many things!  If I weren’t so darned tired, I would dance a happy little jig just thinking about all the things I’m going to do starting next week.

I have a couple of big projects in the works for this summer.  A novel, a novel proposal and a couple other things I can’t talk about yet because there are still details to work out and plans to finalize.  But… fun, challenging stuff.  Enough writing to keep me busy for the rest of the year, in fact.  So, we shall see.  I think it sounds like I may be looking for an excuse not to teach in the fall.  Hmm?  But no, this is just my way.  One thing slides off my plate and I have to put three more things on it.  My plate isn’t quite full right now.  It will be… in a week or two.  By the end of the year… well, I’ll need a second plate, I think!  wink

Despite all these projects and whatnot, I am taking it easy this week and playing more than working.  It is my birthday week, you see.  And though I’m keeping it totally low key this year (as opposed to years’ past when it’s been a week of decadence and tequila shots), I’m still intent on doing a little pampering, a little shopping, a little eating and chatting and reading and relaxing and movie watching.  There will likely be some writing in there too—because that’s what writers do—but it’ll be in small doses, tying up some little things and brainstorming for the big things.

I love spring.  I love new beginnings.  How about you?

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