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Friday, June 12th, 2009 • 8 Comments on Back to Basics

I haven’t written fiction in a month.  I’m not sure how that happened and I’m annoyed with myself.  In fact, I feel a little nauseous when I think about it.  I’m a writer.  I’m supposed to be writing.  I’m not writing.

I have excuses—go ahead, ask me.  There was the I just finished a big project and need to take a few days off excuse.  As well as the semester is over and I have the summer off from teaching so I’m taking a few days off excuse.  The it’s my birthday week excuse didn’t make me feel too guilty.  Neither did the I’m pregnant and too utterly exhausted to be creative excuse because I was simply too tired to care. And that excuse is closely related to the I’m nesting and would rather clean out this drawer than write excuse, which is practically biological and you can’t argue with biology, right?  Of course, I swear I was finally getting ready to do some serious writing when I had to use the old my computer is fried and I can’t write until it’s fixed excuse.

Not that I haven’t done some kinds of writing.  I have.  Which is why I also have the I’ve been brainstorming anthology ideas/got contracted to edit an anthology/had to write my first call for submissions excuse.  Followed by the you should see the notes for all of the other ideas I’ve been brainstorming excuse.  And the I’ve been blogging on two blogs, and that’s kind of like writing excuse.  Not to mention the I was approached by someone who likes my writing and I’m working on something which might turn into a big writing project excuse.  Let’s not forget the golden oldie excuse I write best under a deadline.

This past week, I’ve had the hubby just got home from deployment excuse and the we have a million things to do and we’d better start now excuse.  It’s Friday night, which means I’m now using the it’s the weekend and I have things to do but I promise I’ll hit the writing hard on Monday excuse.

In the end though, they’re just excuses.  Some are legit and some aren’t, but they’re all reasons to not write and I don’t need reasons to not write.  I don’t even need reasons to write.  I have no less than six stories that need to be written in the next month, plus a sample for the above mentioned potential big writing project, plus a novel proposal I want to finish before RWA.  I have the reasons to write—I just need to sit down and write

And I promise I’ll write… on Monday.  wink

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  • danielle says:

    well..are you sure you werent writing??  i mean..maybe you were writing but not typing..writing but not on the computer or on the paper..because i have phase were i dont really sit down and write something down..instead i cook…i take a walk …i sit in a bistro and watch the people passing by… least it looks like i am cooking, walking sitting..but in real..i m my head…i search words..put them together behind my eyes…and when the time comes for them to be born from my tongue..i sit down and do the other part,,,the visible writing…maybe its the same with you???



  • I’ve been going through the same ‘not writing’ phase too. Although I don’t have any of the legitimate reasons for it that you have!

    But I’m going to buckle down too. I have to. No excuses any more. I too am going to just sit down and start writing…

    On Monday… LOL!

  • Emerald says:

    I so hear you, Kristina.  I noticed in reading this, however, that a number of the “excuses” you list at least seem lovely!  smile (Jay being home, being joyously pregnant, having exciting projects in the works…)  Congratulations on all!  Wishing you the best, and take care.

  • Kristina says:

    Portia—I suspect you’ll be writing up a storm very soon with those new contracts!  (And I’d love to talk you into writing a fairy tale for my upcoming Cleis anthology!!)

  • Kristina says:

    Thanks so much, Emerald!  wink  You’re an inspiration!

  • Kristina says:

    Danielle—You’re absolutely right, of course (as usual!).  I’m always “writing” even when I’m not writing.  But at some point, the words really must work their way to the page, otherwise I’ll lose them!  Happy writing to you!

  • Alana says:

    Dear K,

    I’ve written exactly three paragraphs on my novel this week. Yay . . . good for me, wow, way to go, impressive, Bah-Humbug.

    I’m so overwhelmed by life right now.

    I’ll get back to it, soon.

    And so will you.

    I’m sure you’ve got this strange urge to write . . . a poem! grin


  • Kristina says:

    Alana… You’re right—we’ll both get back to it. smile  You have a lot on your plate right now, too.

    And yes… a poem… eek…!!!

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