Raising a Boy (14w2d)

Friday, June 12th, 2009 • No Comments on Raising a Boy (14w2d)

I’m wrapping my mind around the idea of having a boy.  Not that I’m upset—quite the contrary!  Boys rock!  But for some reason I had always thought “girl” when I thought of having a child—at least until about 7 weeks ago when the baby fairy started whispering in my ear, “Think boy, think boy…” 

So now I’ve put aside thoughts of raising a girl who is so not a princess in favor or raising a boy who is a rock star (like mother, like son).

Honestly, I thought my biggest challenge in raising a girl would be trying to avoid the pink princess crap people would foist on her when she was five and being vigilant about keeping her out of the hyper-sexualized clothes she’d want to wear when she was thirteen. I never really thought twice about how I would raise a tough, fearless feminist girl—I just figured she’d pick it up through osmosis by living with me.

Of course, I don’t really know how to raise a girl, the idea just comes more naturally to me than the idea of raising a boy.  Raising a boy is a whole new universe for me.  Of course, I still want him to be tough, fearless and most certainly a feminist.  But I also want him to be sensitive and nurturing and well-rounded.  And smart.  And happy.  And creative.  And, and, and…

I have years to figure it out, but it’s already something I’m thinking about, worrying about.  I suppose over the next couple of years my biggest concerns will be not getting peed on during diaper changes and dressing him in something other blue, black and brown clothes embroidered with footballs, baseballs and basketballs.

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