20 Week Ultrasound (20w1d)

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The ultrasound went beautifully and everything looks perfect!  Despite being late to the appointment (hmph), we didn’t have to wait long to be seen.  Baby was very active, which made it very easy for the ultrasound technician to take measurements.  Because he was so cooperative (“photogenic,” the tech said) we were in and out in less than thirty minutes. 

It’s funny that I could only feel about half of the actual movements he was making.  I don’t suppose that will be true much longer.  I already feel like I’m so much bigger than I was a week ago, but baby is weighing in at a very healthy 13 ounces, so I’m not too concerned about looking like a beach ball this early.  After all the data was plugged in, the computer gave us a due date of December 6, which is only three days off from my original December 9 due date. 

The technician said all of the organs and the umbilical cord looked good.  We could see the four chambers of his heart pumping normally, his developing brain and his long, straight spine.  Oh, and we could also easily see his penis, but just in case there was any doubt he’s a boy, the tech sent us home with two pictures of the equipment.

My fibroids seem to be staying out of the way of anything important and I’m still hoping for a vaginal delivery (drug free!).  I have a few more months before I’ll know if that will be possible.

Unfortunately, we didn’t get a profile picture this time as baby seems to prefer the forward-facing position.  But I still think this is a pretty terrific picture:

When turned right side up, I think he has Jay’s jaw line:

I don’t know when I will have another ultrasound, but I couldn’t have asked for a better experience this time around.  It’s so nice—and such a relief—to be told everything looks perfect.

Twenty weeks down, twenty more to go!

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