Frustrations (18w2d)

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So, I’ve been going along quite swimmingly with this pregnancy until a couple of weeks ago.  First there were headaches, then there this whooshing-pounding started in my ears any time I moved or sat up, then I saw my general practitioner on June 26 and she was concerned about my blood pressure because it was 134/88.  She made a bunch of adjustments to my meds (asthma and allergies) and recommended I see my obstetrician sooner than my already scheduled appointment.

So,I went to my obstetrician last Monday (June 29) and my blood pressure was completely normal (121/79).  He was concerned about the headaches and has me taking my blood pressure 3 times a day to find out if there is a connection.  There isn’t.  My blood pressure isn’t higher when I have a headache and the numbers are all over the place from one reading to the next.  Frustration. 

Until we work out this problem with the headaches and blood pressure , my ob doesn’t want me traveling.  Which meant canceling the RWA conference (which I was waffling over for a variety of reasons already) and postponing (again) a trip to Chicago to see Sheri.  More frustration.

I go back to my ob on July 20th.  I had hoped to have a solution to this problem by the time I saw him.  The good news is that the headaches and the blood pounding in my ears has mostly subsided.  I’m still getting the occasional headache, but it’s not the horrible debilitating pain it was a couple of weeks ago. 

The bad news is that my blood pressure is still all over the place.  My big fear is that it will be an ongoing problem and I’ll end up on bed rest.  I can’t even imagine that and I’m quite willing to do whatever it takes to prevent it, but we don’t know what’s causing the high blood pressure.  I had hoped it was the overuse of my asthma meds, but now that seems to be better controlled but the bp numbers aren’t falling.  Sigh.

My ob had mentioned referring me to a neurologist if the headaches persisted, so I don’t know if that’s still a possibility or not.  I’m hoping for some easy fix—a prescription that won’t cause any side effects that will lower my blood pressure and let me avoid bed rest in the coming months.  Maybe that’s wishful thinking.

So, we’ll see.  Stressing over it isn’t going to help my blood pressure, but I had hoped to avoid any bumps in the road with this pregnancy—other than the one I’m carrying around, of course.

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