Tales from the Crib (18w5d)

Monday, July 13th, 2009 • No Comments on Tales from the Crib (18w5d)

We bought the book Baby Bargains a month or so ago based on some recommendations I read.  It’s a comprehensive—and overwhelming—book about everything you need for a baby.  It is an awesome book and very helpful when facing the even more overwhelming task of having to start buying those much needed things for baby.  That is, if you remember to bring the book with you when you go shopping.

We went crib shopping on Saturday (which was preceded by paint shopping) and forgot the book.  We picked out a lovely crib and I felt very good about our choice… until we got home.  The Baby Bargains ranking for our choice was an F!  Oh my!  Bad parents. 

So… back to the store we went on Sunday—with book in hand, this time.  Now we have this crib on order:

Baby Bargains gives it an A-.  I feel much better now.

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