But I LIKE Vintage!

Friday, August 7th, 2009 • 2 Comments on But I LIKE Vintage!

My PowerBook G4, purchased in August 2004 is now “vintage” according to the folks at Apple Care.  What does that mean?  It means it’s old, but they’re too nice to say that.  It also means that all of the hardware associated with such a “vintage” machine—including the old barrel style power cord that I’m in desperate need of—is no longer stocked.  Grr.  Ahh, but I was able to purchase a power cord from the Apple Store.  Interesting, since I wanted to exchanged the faulty power cord I have (that is still under warranty until November), not pay for a new one.  Oh well.  Apparently, I know need to call Apple Care again and get them to refund my money.  A complicated process simply because I managed to make my computer last for 5 years.  It still runs amazingly well, did I mention that?

In any case, I ended up spending 71 minutes on the phone with Apple this morning.  Once I was bumped over to the retail store from Apple Care (the dude didn’t seem to care so much that I needed a power cord, however), I figured I might as well go ahead and order a new computer.  I had already spent 35 minutes trying to resolved the power cord situation, so why not kill a few more minutes spending a few thousand dollars, huh?  My original goal had been to make my PowerBook last 3 years (the length of the Apple Care warranty), then I amended that to 5 years.  Well, it’s been 5 years this month and I’m pretty sure I could get another year or two out of it, but it’s not worth the hassle to get the replacement power cords and batteries that I seem to run through at a rate of one a year.

Now, along with a power cord for my vintage computer,  I have a shiny new 15-inch MacBook Pro on its way to me with a few upgrades, a magnetic power cord and a battery with a 7 hour charge and a 5 year life expectancy (I’ll believe it when I see it),  Along with my educator discount (there are benefits to being an adjunct!) for the computer, I’m also getting an iPod Touch for free (after the $229 mail-in rebate).  Woo!  I’m not sure what I’ll do with an iPod Touch, but it was free and one does not turn down free Apple gadgets, right?  Oh, and the point of getting the replacement power cord is simply so I can transfer my files from the vintage computer to the new computer and have a back up computer.  Just in case the shiny new computer crashes on me, I guess.

I love Apple, I really do.  But I wish they’d offer a bit more support for those of us who keep our machines running long past the shiny new stage.  Because for a woman who has been driving the same car for 17 years, a 5 year old computer is nothing.

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  • Erobintica says:

    My Powerbook G4 will be 5 years old next May and it’s going strong and I love it (it’s one of those wee 12” ones). I hope I don’t need to get a new one until I can afford it. wink  I’ve dealt with the needing a new battery and a cat eating through the powercord.

    Hope you like your new computer as much as the old.

  • Kristina says:

    Erobintica ~ I have gone through at least one power cord every 8 months to a year. I’m awfully rough on my PowerBook!  Still love it, but getting the replacement parts is becoming a hassle.  I’ve worn the letters off half the keyboard and the display kind of wobbles on its hinges, but it’s still going strong!

    Enjoy yours as long as you can!  Much as I love Apple, I don’t love their prices! wink

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