Contradictions (27w6d)

Tuesday, September 15th, 2009 • 4 Comments on Contradictions (27w6d)

Oh, crap.  Just when I think maybe I know one or three things about what to do once this kid is born, I read a contradiction to one piece of advice that has been consistent.  I could dismiss this contradiction if it came from someone less trustworthy, but it’s Dooce!  You know Dooce, also known as Heather Armstrong.  She’s famous.  She has had two babies.  She’s written books about her experiences.  She knows stuff.  So, now I’m panicking because she wrote this:

Worst advice you can give to someone with a newborn? Sleep when the baby sleeps. That is total and utter crap. Because one nap can be three hours and then the next nap is like fifteen seconds, and when that latter naps happens and you’ve just put your head down to go to sleep, oh Lord, the agony. And the pain. And the ANGER. And of course it’s never healthy to be angry at a newborn, bad things can happen, like suddenly you start drinking tequila at 10 AM and are calling your husband at work JUST SO THAT YOU CAN HANG UP ON HIM.



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  • Erobintica says:

    Naaaaaap – you might not be able to sleep every time baby sleeps, but if you lay down with the baby in a big bed, even the slightest rest is welcome. I’ve had three babies and they survived me not being a perfect mom.  wink

  • Malena says:

    Uhh, the only expert on how to raise your kid is you! Everyone is different and so are their babies. My plan was to breast feed when I had my kids and I got so much crap for that it wasn’t even funny…well what was funny was some of the advice I got about it. I decided to do what worked for me, especially since I was a working mom and most of the folks giving me advice hadn’t been working mothers (i.e. my mother, aunt, grandmother need I go on?) I was told do not sleep when your child wakes up in the middle of the night for a night feeding, you might roll over on him or her. While this could happen I suppose, I’ve never heard or read where it has and some child was suffocated by the mother or the tit. I followed my instincts and successfully breast fed all three of my kids and they were all the better for it and I didn’t lose a moments wink.

    So sleep when your baby sleeps (I did) or don’t. You have to figure out what works for you and for that little bundle of poop that affectionately screams out for you on a whim. It will all work out in the wash some how.

    Best of luck in the home stretch!

  • Neve Black says:

    Hey, I have to admit the author makes a good point, but hell, don’t forget, you’re the mom and you and baby will work these things out. Congratulations on the final-final. Whew. Is it me, or did that go pretty fast?

  • Kristina says:

    Erobintica and Malena ~  Thanks for the advice!  I’m leaning towards the napping, too.  wink

    Neve—It’s not just you.  This year is flying!

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