Vampires and Zombies, Oh My!

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image   I’ve never been much of a gamer.  My lifetime interest in video and computer games goes something like this: Pong, Qbert, Space Invaders, Pacman, Tetris, Myst.  The obsession with Myst ended over a decade ago when I looked up from a game and realized I had been playing for eight hours.  Um… yeah, I really can’t afford that kind of addiction, thank you very much.  I have writing to do.  Since then, my life has been game-free except for Wii and the occasional game of Tetris on my phone. (Neither of which has sparked a new addiction.)

But now I have this pretty iPod Touch to play with and I discovered that in addition to practical applications (like a contraction counter!), there are all sorts of games to download. I still wasn’t really enticed, except that everyone seems to play something.  So, I downloaded Vampires Live figuring that since I like vampire stories, I might enjoy the mindless entertainment of a vampire game.  It truly is pretty mindless, but it’s a nice enough distraction at 2 AM when the heartburn and acid reflux are keeping me awake.  Kill vampires and zombies (who are actually playing Zombies Live, a companion game), accumulate blood, buy abilities to protect and attack, buy slaves to provide more blood.  Simple.  Apparently there are a dozen games based on the exact same format, each with a different theme.  Not terribly creative, but apparently popular.

So I play Vampires Live on a pretty much daily basis now.  I check in during the day to bank my accumulated blood (seriously, all games seem to have their own language, don’t they?) and see who has killed me.  If I have time, I’ll kill off a couple of vampires and zombies.  But the majority of my game time (and I’m talking maybe 30 minutes at the most) is late at night.  Imagine me, propped up on six pillows holding my Touch about two inches from my face in the dark, killing vampires and zombies before I try to fall asleep.  Can you guess where this is going? 

Oh yes, I have dreams because of this game.  Oddly enough, I don’t dream about vampires.  I guess I’m so comfortable with them (ha!) that they don’t bother me.  No, my bad dreams come in the form of zombies.  Eeek!  I do not like zombies.  I don’t want to play Zombies Live.  I don’t like the avatar that goes with the zombie characters or the awful abilities they have.  I don’t like the character names some of the players use.  FleshEater…  BrainsRGood… ViralPlague… Yuck!  I just don’t like them.  But they are a part of the game and so I see zombies on my screen and then I dream of zombies when I fall asleep.  Not quite as bad as acid reflux, but certainly unpleasant.

So, I’m contemplating switching to a new game.  There are ninjas and mobsters and race car drivers and soldiers and Romans.  None of those really appeal to me, though.  I like vampires!  I just want my vampires unadulterated by the influence of zombies.  Is that too much to ask?  Because—seriously—I think the zombies are starting to influence me.  Just look at the book I put on my Amazon Wishlist last night:

Side note: Part of my enjoyment of this game involves evaluating the different character names.  Some people give their characters vampire names—Vlad, Blade, Lestat, etc.  Some name their characters after book or television characters—Anita, Sookie, Bill.  Some ignore the conventions of the game and use some other interest to label themselves—BamaFan, EmoKid.  Some just use their first names or last names.  My favorite character name so far—and I can’t remember if it was a vampire or zombie—is MidlifeCrisis.  Ha!  I play under Kristina because I’m terribly boring when it comes to creating a new identity for myself, even in a game.  If you play Vampires Live or Zombies Live, please don’t kill me.

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