Written Into Exhaustion

Thursday, September 10th, 2009 • No Comments on Written Into Exhaustion

I had a super productive afternoon of feeling like a real writer (and editor) again, instead of just a heat-producing incubator.  I was feeling pretty proud of myself and had lofty goals to do some more work after dinner, until I got home and pretty much collapsed.  So much for a productive evening of writing and editing, but I’ll take what I can get these days.

The anthology is coming together.  I am down to the final, final story selections and it’s just so damned hard.  Right now I think I have 25 stories and I can only include 20.  At the most.  The final count will be dependent on length, so it could end up being 18 or 19 stories!  In any case, I still have some cutting to do.  I’m gearing up for the third and final pass tomorrow and I know it’s just going to kill me to make those last cuts because all of these stories are just so clever and well-written.  My only consolation is that Fairy Tale Lust might be the first of a series and then maybe I’ll have a second chance at the stories I can’t take this time.

I am practically bursting with excitement over the fabulous author who has agreed to write the foreword for Fairy Tale Lust.  She’s a New York Times and USA Today bestseller, as well as an author of an awesome writing guide.  I’ll wait until I post the table of contents to announce who she is, but I really couldn’t be more delighted.

In the midst of all this growing a baby stuff I sometimes forget I’m also growing a book.  It’s such an honor and privilege to be choosing these stories and putting together a collection that is clever and sexy and intense and fun.  It is not the same kind of creative process as writing, but it is equally rewarding. 

Winter baby, spring book.  I like that.

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