Not Just a Fairy Tale

Tuesday, October 27th, 2009 • 2 Comments on Not Just a Fairy Tale

image  I saw the cover of Fairy Tale Lust for the first time today.  I didn’t even know a cover was in the works, but here it is.  I’m not sure this is the final version and I don’t yet have an ISBN or listing on Amazon, but my book is on its way to becoming a reality!  I needed this kind of inspiration right now—this tangible connection to my work—as I’m immersed in preparing for baby these days.  For every story I’ve written for 75+ anthologies, I’ve felt a little thrill the first time I saw a new book cover.  This time is especially sweet because that’s my name on the cover.  I couldn’t have done it without all the fabulous stories I received and I’m so grateful to all the authors for their creativity and talent.  Without them, there wouldn’t be an anthology at all.

I discovered this lovely book cover when my publisher sent me a link to the article I was interviewed for a few weeks ago.  Rise of the fantasy and fairy tale isn’t just about Fairy Tale Lust, but about the growing appeal of fantasy fiction and other books in the genre, including Mitzi Szereto’s fairy tale collection In Sleeping Beauty’s Bed.  Being interviewed is always a bit nerve wracking, but I’m pleased with the article and absolutely delighted with the press for Fairy Tale Lust and my fabulous publisher, Cleis Press. (FYI: I’m mistakenly referred to as “Kristina Knight” in my first quote.) 

It feels kind of odd to be linked to the Twilight books and movies.  It was a surreal moment when I clicked from the romantic picture of Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson to my very own book cover, but a good kind of surreal.  (And the cover of D.L. King’s The Sweetest Kiss is up there as well—which was it’s own little thrill since I have a story in that collection.)  The publication of Fairy Tale Lust is still months away, but this feels like a very good omen—and a very nice start.

Of course, you know I was particularly thrilled that my first press piece was for a London paper.

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