Sweet Vampire Erotica

Friday, October 16th, 2009 • No Comments on Sweet Vampire Erotica

I haven’t yet received my contributor copies of The Sweetest Kiss, but I smile every time I see this book cover pop up in the rotation in my sidebar.  For someone who has had a lifelong love of vampires, it was a real thrill to have my story “Cutter” accepted by D.L. King for this collection of vampire erotica.  Especially since this was a hard story to write.  Vampires and vampire lore are such a part of popular culture that it’s very difficult to write something fresh.  I hope I accomplished that—obviously D.L. and Cleis Press thought I did.

In all the craziness of this year, I had kind of forgotten that I had contemplated spinning “Cutter” into a novel.  I had to develop such a back story for the female human protagonist that I found myself thinking about her long after I submitted the story.  I still think she would make a great anti-hero for a series.  I need to revisit the idea when my life calms down a little.  Or just when I’m not pregnant anymore and get my creative energy back.

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