The Sleep Pattern of a Pregnant Insomniac

Tuesday, October 13th, 2009 • 1 Comment on The Sleep Pattern of a Pregnant Insomniac

There is an app for the iPhone called Labor Mate.  Basically, it acts as a stop watch to record labor pains.  Instead of having to track the duration and length between contractions, Labor Mate does it for you. I don’t need Labor Mate quite yet, but I did find another use for it: tracking how little sleep I get in a typical night.  Last night, I opened the Labor Mate program and began tracking how often I was awake in the course of the night.  Every time I got up to go to the bathroom, get a glass of water, let the dog out, redirect the blind, disoriented cat who can’t find his bed, was awoken by a noise or a hip pain or the baby kicking or my arm falling asleep or the lawn service mowing the lawn, I tapped the Labor Mate.

Here are the results:

2:15 AM—In bed, lights out.

3:01 AM

4:17 AM

5:31 AM

5:57 AM

7:26 AM

8:15 AM

8:35 AM

9:03 AM

10:12 AM— Up for the day.

I was up 8 times from the time I went to bed until the time I got up.  I did skip a couple of taps because I went back to sleep pretty quickly.  The longest I went between tapping was 1 hour and 28 minutes.  Which is not to say that I actually slept for 1 hour and 28 minutes because what I can’t track with this application is how long it actually takes me to fall asleep.  Figuring an average of at least 10-20 minutes to fall asleep after every tap, the longest I might have actually slept is an hour and 18 minutes.  The longest I slept.  Wow.  I mean, I i know I’m an insomniac and I know pregnancy has made it that much worse, but to actually see how many times I’m awake, up, moving around, trying to fall back to sleep—well, it’s startling.  And this is what most of my nights look like.  Non-pregnant isn’t much better.  I wake up fewer times but I’m awake much longer in between (an hour or more).

So what does a good night look like?  Same as above, except there will be a 2 (or if I’m really, really lucky 3) hour chunk in the mix.  A 2-3 hour chunk and a few of the one-ish hour stretches like above and I feel like I can function pretty well.  I have no idea what sleeping 8 hours straight right now would do for me.  I could probably solve the world’s problems and find a cure for cancer.

Between anemia and gestational diabetes (which I just discovered I have) causing fatigue and my erratic sleep schedule causing fatigue and not being able to have caffeine to counter all of that fatigue—I’m pretty damned tired most of the time.  All I can hope is that once the baby is born and I’m not dealing with the physical stuff and I can actually have caffeine again, maybe being the sole caregiver to a newborn won’t be all that exhausting for me.

I can hope.

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