A Sweet Review for The Sweetest Kiss

Tuesday, November 17th, 2009 • 3 Comments on A Sweet Review for The Sweetest Kiss

My editor, D.L. King, forwarded a link to a fabulous review of her erotic vampire anthology The Sweetest Kiss.  Most of you know how horrible I am about remembering to share reviews (and I intend to get a lot better about that in the coming year!), but I couldn’t not share this very sweet little snippet:

And then we reach Kristina Wright’s Cutter, a spectacular tale and easily the best in the book. A Las Vegas dealer meets a vampire and finds a brand new way to get rid of her pain; part fantasy wish fulfillment and part insightful characterization, Wright’s tale speaks eloquently of need, desire, and the beauty of surrender.

  (The rest of the review can be found here.) 

Wow.  Just… wow.  The entire review is glowing and opens with:

Hands down the best anthology of vampire erotica I’ve read in nearly 20 years, The Sweetest Kiss: Ravishing Vampire Erotica is an absolutely stellar collection of fantastic stories that deliver everything one wants from this type of book: complex vampire societies, the passion of the hunt, the angst over immortal life, and tons and tons of hot sex.

D.L. is very gracious about deflecting praise to her authors, but I think this statement is a credit to her ability to choose excellent stories.  Having now put together one anthology—and hoping the readers and reviewers will love it—I know how hard it is to anthologize a popular theme.  So, congratulations to D.L. King for doing an excellent job!  I can only hope to be in such good company.

This review only reinforces my desire to expand this story into something longer.  I don’t often love my stories—I may enjoy writing them and be satisfied with the end result, but real love is reserved for only a handful of stories.  “Cutter” is one of them.  I’m thrilled someone else thinks it’s pretty damn good, too.

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