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It’s been a lazy, wintery Saturday and Patrick has been napping like a champ today (which doesn’t necessarily bode well for tonight), so I’ve had a chance to do some writing, some blogging, some reading. Craig Sorensen wrote a blog post earlier this week entitled Fragments and I found myself nodding as I read this part:

Hope the weather is to your liking wherever you are, and that the fragments in your life are making sense.

Look for the simple answer, but don’t be discouraged if it doesn’t seem the one you’re looking for now.

For the most part, fragments make sense in their own good time.

I’m writing again, but it’s these little chunks of words with nothing to anchor them.  Disjointed descriptions, bits of dialogue that make no sense, characters who are still soft focus, multiple plots dancing around in my head like the snowflakes that danced around all morning.  I’m skipping from story to story, trying to find my center.  There is this new story teasing me—a plot for a novel—unfolding like scenes in a movie.  I’m excited about it, anxious to write it, but when I open a new document file and start writing, the words are awkward and don’t resemble what’s in my head.  Discouraged, I move on to something else… but this story still taunts me.  I need to write it.  Like so many other stories—and so many still unwritten—it’s there, just waiting for me to get it right.

Like Craig says, these fragments, these stories in my head, will make sense in their own good time.  Until then, I just need to keep putting the words down.

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