Random Thoughts of a Tired Brain

Sunday, January 3rd, 2010 • 2 Comments on Random Thoughts of a Tired Brain

A list seem appropriate for my current sleep-deprived, semi-coherent state.

—I have never appreciated having DVR more than I do now.  I have caught up on entire seasons of shows, including The Tudors, Vampire Diaries and True Blood

—If there wasn’t already a Nathan in Jay’s side of the family, Patrick might have been named for Nathan Fillion. I love Castle.

—I just discovered that the mystery novel Richard Castle (Nathan Fillion) wrote in the first season of Castle is an actual book.  I wonder who the real Richard Castle is?  (Too tired to investigate.) 

—Maybe I’ll buy Heat Wave for the new Nook Jay got me for Christmas.

—I haven’t done more than charge and register my Nook.  It’s easier to watch television than read right now. I wish I liked audio books.

—My winter baby not only gets short-changed on the gifts because of the proximity of his birthday to the holidays, he also doesn’t get outside much.  I had planned to go out today—if for nothing else but coffee—but it’s just too cold.

—Speaking of baby (he’s never far from my side or my thoughts, even my random thoughts), I left him with someone else for the first time yesterday.  It was only two hours (I had a much needed hair appointment), but it was harder than I expected it to be.  Even so, that brief taste of freedom was glorious.

—I think I might love diapers.com, at least for the winter months and while Jay is gone.  Free shipping for orders over $49 and two-day shipping (one-day in some cities). Very convenient.

—It’s hard to believe it’s January—I seem to have lost track of the days and weeks somewhere between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Eve.  The last of the Christmas decorations are slowly coming down.  (Jay took the Christmas tree down before he left, otherwise it might stay up through the spring.)

—I’m quite desperate to go to the movies.  I don’t know when that’s going to happen because it necessitates both a babysitter and someone to go to the movies with me, but I really want to see Sherlock Holmes.

—Honestly, the best gift anyone could give me right now would be babysitting services.  (Of course, by “anyone” I mean the handful of people I would trust.  I’m not quite ready to leave my baby with anyone.  Check back in a month.  Ha.)  It was hard to leave Patrick with Jae and Shannon yesterday, but it was so nice to be able to go get my hair colored without worrying about him. 

—I’m trying to eat more—and healthier.  I think I’ve had enough Christmas candy and other goodies to last through spring.  In keeping with a tradition that goes back to when we lived in Charleston, I made black-eyed peas and rice for New Year’s Day.  Not quite Hoppin’ John, but close enough. Hope it brings me luck this year.

I have more thoughts (surprisingly), but baby is stirring…

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