Slow, Sick Days

Saturday, January 23rd, 2010 • 2 Comments on Slow, Sick Days

The pace of my day-to-day life has been slower since Patrick came along, but the wheels have come to a grinding halt the past couple of days.  I seem to have caught some bug or other (it can’t possibly be the flu because I had both of my flu shots, dammit!) and that has necessitated as much rest as I can squeeze into the day. My time is spent feeding the baby, coaxing the baby to take a nap, dashing around feeding everyone else (even myself), letting the dog out and preparing baby bottles before flinging myself in the direction of the couch to nap for as long as possible before the baby wakes up and I start the whole (boring) cycle again.  Dayquil and popsicles are my friends right now. 

I had chills so bad last night that I layered on the clothes and bedding.  T-shirt, sweatshirt, sweatpants, two pairs of wool socks, wool gloves (poor baby screams when I touch him with my cold, cold hands) and three quilts.  I still had chills!  Then I woke up for Patrick’s 3:30 AM feeding drenched in sweat and realized that at some point I had stripped off the gloves, socks and sweatshirt and thrown back all but the sheet and one quilt.  Funny thing was I’d neatly stacked the socks and gloves on my bedside table.  Who does that?  But then, who gets undressed in their sleep?  Me, it would seem. 

Exhaustion has been a constant companion for the past several weeks, but illness on top of exhaustion makes for forgetful moments.  I’ve lost track of when I last fed Patrick… which is okay, because he does an excellent job of reminding me to feed him, but it’s disconcerting.  I checked the mail twice yesterday because I’d forgotten I had already gone out to check it once. (Did I check it today? I honestly can’t remember.)  Things like that.  Last night I started watching a show I’d recorded (Spectacle: Elvis Costello with Bruce Springsteen on the Sundance channel) and realized thirty minutes into it that I couldn’t remember anything I’d seen.

And so it goes.

I think I had more to write about, but I can’t remember what it was.

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