A Letter to Patrick, Two Months Old

Friday, February 5th, 2010 • 4 Comments on A Letter to Patrick, Two Months Old

Dear Patrick,

You are two months and one day old today, my little monkey!  No, I’m not already falling behind on writing your monthly letter, I just wanted to wait until after your two month appointment with the pediatrician.  You appointment was this morning and I don’t think either of us was happy to be there.  But we both survived your vaccines and you only cried for a little while.  Thankfully, you are napping peacefully now.

You’re now in the 90th percentile for weight, length and head circumference.  As the doctor said—you couldn’t be more perfectly proportioned.  As far as I’m concerned, you couldn’t be more perfect!  Of course, I do wish you weighed just a little less.  You’re at thirteen and a half pounds now, almost five pounds heavier than you were at birth!  My poor back and shoulders protest when I have to haul you and your car seat in and out of your father’s truck.  But you’re my big boy and I’m so grateful you’re healthy. 

It’s hard to believe it’s been two months (and one day) since you were born.  Those early weeks are a bit of a blur of exhaustion, frustration and—when I wasn’t tired or frustrated—moments of quiet joy.  It was a roller coaster ride of getting to know you, learning how to take care of you and adjusting to the incredible changes you have brought to my life.  After your father left, it was all I could do to take care of you and myself and the pets.  I’m happy to say the second month has brought a little less exhaustion, a lot less frustration and more moments of joy. 

I’m also getting more sleep at night than I was a month ago because you’re sleeping better.  Right now, you sleep four to four and a half hours when I put you down for the night, followed by a two to three hour stretch after a bottle, followed by another hour to hour and a half before you’re up for the day.  You nap pretty well during the day, but the naps are getting a little shorter as you are waking up to the world around you and don’t want to miss anything. 

You’ve learned a few new things in the past month.  First of all, you’re really smiling!  It was hard to tell before if it was a smile, a grimace or gas, but now I’m sure of the real smiles.  You don’t smile every time you see me, but when you do it melts my heart.  I never get tired of those toothless, lopsided grins.  So far, you’ve only giggled once while you were awake (and I have to say, giggling in your sleep is a little creepy) and it was while I was putting on your bib.  You do enjoy eating!  (You take after your mama, I think.)  I’m looking forward to hearing your laughter on a regular basis.

You have become more “interactive” in the past few weeks, much to my delight.  You coo and babble now, your little fist shoved into your mouth—sometimes both of them at once.  Putting your hand in your mouth used to signal your hunger, now you do it just because you can—and it seems to make you so happy.  You look at me more often and for longer stretches and, like your smiles, I look forward to the future when you seek me out to watch me instead of looking at me only because I’m right in front of you.

In the past month, I’ve gotten you a swing and an activity play mat, both of which entertain you.  I didn’t think you would take to the swing, but after a bit you seemed to enjoy watching everything moving around you.  Oh, and it has the added benefit of rocking you to sleep when you’re feeling fussy.  You just got the play mat yesterday, but you immediately started wiggling and kicking to the sounds and lights and little dangling toys. You love riding in the truck and looking around (though the motion eventually lulls you to sleep) and I think you’re starting to make the connection between being put in your car seat and going for a ride in the truck.

I feel like you’re growing up too fast right before my eyes, baby.  You don’t fit into any of your newborn outfits anymore and it makes me sad.  In fact, you are wearing a few 3 to 6 month and 6 month outfits already, though they’re a little big.  But despite your growth spurt, you’re still a little baby.  You still put your fist in the air—power to the people!— accompanied by the super serious expression you get sometimes, your little mouth turned down at the corners in disapproval.  You can’t hold your head up for more than a few seconds yet, but you’re getting better at it ever day (and get soooo frustrated when it wobbles in the opposite direction of where you want to look).  You still love to stare at the ceiling fan (I think the fan is as exciting to you as your play mat, actually) and looking at the lamplight or sunlight through the window.  I can’t wait for spring so I can take you outside! 

As of yesterday, I can finally count on two hands the total number of hours I’ve been away from you—8!  I think you’ll be getting a regular babysitter soon, at least part-time.  I miss my writing schedule and it’s hard to haul you around on errands.  I think I might like to go back to teaching in the fall and even if it’s only online I will still need blocks of time to work.  Of course, I don’t know yet how I’m going to leave you with someone else on a regular basis. It’ll be good for both of us and it’ll be harder for me than for you, I’m sure.  But I know you don’t really want to go to doctor’s appointments and the grocery store with me, right?  (I’ll still take you to Starbucks, of course!)

I don’t know exactly when it happened, but sometime in the past month I fell in love with you, Patrick.  It wasn’t love at first sight for me like it was for your father.  Is that horrible to admit?  By the time I fell in love with you as my baby bump, it was almost time for you to be out in the world.  So it’s taken me a little while to get to know you on the outside of my body, but I’m in love with you now, little boy.  How could I not be?  You are so amazing.  We talk to your father everyday on my laptop so he can see you and you can see and hear him—and you do respond to his voice, even if his image is a little blurry on the screen sometimes—and I tell him how you’re doing and how incredible you are.  He misses you, but I’m excited for him because I know he’s going to fall in love with you all over again when he gets home.

Two months have flown by and I know that it’ll be December before I know it and you’ll be turning a year old.  Don’t grow up too fast, sweet boy.  As much as I’m looking forward to all the things you’ll be able to do in the next month, and in six months, and in a year… I want to enjoy what you can do right now and savor these moments with you.  The cuddles and the coos and your little hand on mine are all I need right now. 

Happy two month birthday, baby.  Mama loves you.

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  • Saskia says:

    Patrick is so lucky to have a writer for his Mom! I’m sure these notes will mean such a lot to him, and we enjoy them too. wink Give him a cuddle from me.

  • Kristina says:

    Thanks, Saskia. wink I can’t wait until he’s big enough for his shoes!  IT shouldn’t be long now—he’s getting BIG.

    Cuddling given!

  • Oh man, this totally made me cry in that good, warm fuzzy kind of way! So wonderful.

  • Emerald says:

    This is so precious.  And the video below of him wiggling around with the lights and the music was so precious and adorable I hardly know how to describe it. 

    Thanks, indeed, for sharing this letter…it seems to me an amazing opportunity to get to witness/read it; as such, I can only imagine what it would/will mean to Patrick.  All the best to you.

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