Those Sexy Vampires

Thursday, February 18th, 2010 • No Comments on Those Sexy Vampires

I have previously confessed my


interest in The Vampire Diaries.  I saw the first promotional poster while I was in Chicago last summer and was immediately intrigued.  It looked like something I might like.


Of course, at the time I had no idea it was based on yet another teen vampire book series.  I haven’t read Twilight and didn’t care for the first movie (though I love the fact that Fairy Tale Lust was mentioned in an article about the teen series and the increasing popularity of fairy tales). 

I loved Charlaine Harris’s Southern Vampire series but have been turned off to HBO’s True Blood series—maybe because it’s lacking the internal monologue of the books, as well as the humor.  Plus, the accent grates on my nerves.  (Sam Merlotte is my favorite character from the show, even though he’s a wolf, not a vampire. He also doesn’t have the ridiculous accent of most of the characters. But he belongs to Alana.) 

So, I gave The Vampire Diaries a chance and now I’m hooked, despite the fact that the female protagonist is in high school and one of the vampire brothers is posing as a high school student.  At least there’s sex—and it’s not awkward teen sex.  It’s also not graphic HBO sex, but c’est la vie.  And there are the cool flashbacks to the 1800’s, when the female vampire who turned the brothers (and coincidentally looks exactly like the current-day female protagonist) was involved with both brothers.  Oh… yum!


And this doesn’t look like a promotional poster for a teen paranormal drama, does it?


I might just be watching The Vampire Diaries for more than the vampires.  But you already knew that.

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