Putting It All Together

Friday, March 5th, 2010 • 2 Comments on Putting It All Together

I’m at Barnes & Noble this evening, working on a story that has a fast-approaching deadline.  (See below for my inspiration.  Thanks, Jakob.)  It feels good to be writing again, to be putting new words down on the blank page (or blank Word document, in this case) instead of just adding words or editing words on old stories. 

New words, new stories. I feel renewed.  It’s not impossible to contemplate making all of these writing deadlines and even writing a novel this year.

I received the copyedits for Fairy Tale Lust this afternoon.  I’ll be busy working on those next week.  Going through a manuscript I’ve already read several times should feel tedious—and it might, by the time I’m done with it—but right now I’m excited about it.  It’s such a terrific collection of stories—I hope it finds a wide and receptive audience.

I am awaiting approval on my next anthology and hope to have a contract in hand soon.  I’m excited about this new theme and I can’t wait to put out the call for submissions.

I’ve been doing some reading lately—research for a potential novel. I got the idea a month or so ago and it’s sticking with me.  There are other novels in various stages of completion in my files.  I want to find some time soon to open them up and see where I am with them—and where I might be going.

All of these little pieces add up to Kristina, the writer (and editor, now).  It’s a part of me that has been missing—or sluggish—for more months than I care to contemplate.  It’s still slow going, and the time devoted to writing isn’t what it used to be.  But then, I used to procrastinate from writing because I always had more writing time on the horizon.  Know what I mean?  Now the writing hours are limited and my discipline is growing.  It’s not where it should be yet—and neither am I—but it’s getting there.  And so will I, in time.

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