A Letter to Patrick, Four Months Old

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Dear Patrick,

You are four months and one day old today.  I didn’t get a chance to write your letter yesterday because your Aunt Sheri was in town for the weekend.  She hadn’t seen you since you were 12 days old!  It was fun watching you with her, and watching her enjoy you as much as I do.  (I often fear I’m a bit biased when it comes to how much fun you are and how easy your are and how beautiful you are.  Oh, it’s sad to have become one of “those” mothers!)

Spring has arrived in Virginia and this month has meant more time outside.  Sheri and I took you to the Norfolk Botanical Gardens on Saturday.  When you weren’t napping, you seemed to enjoy the great big world.  The park was certainly bigger than anything you’ve experienced so far!  I’m looking forward to many outdoor days when your father gets home.  Only five more weeks to go!

You went to the pediatrician on Thursday—your father’s 41st birthday, coincidentally—for your four month checkup and vaccinations.  You’re weighing in at a little over 17 pounds now, monkey!  Though I honestly expected you to weigh more since you feel soooo heavy to me!  You handled the vaccinations like a champ and only cried for about a minute before you were smiling again.  Whew!  You don’t go back to the pediatrician until you’re six months old, thankfully.

So far this month you have started rolling over front to back and back to front, quite an accomplishment.  You don’t do it often, but you’re starting to figure out that the rolling will get you closer to what you want.  You’re a clever little monkey and have figured out how to grab onto things to pull yourself from your side to your stomach.  Uh oh!  The days of leaving you in the middle of the bed unattended will soon be over, I’m afraid.

You’re still sleeping well through the night, which is so wonderful.  I was afraid of what they call the “four month sleep regression,” but if such a thing occurred, it only affected your daytime naps.  You’re still napping pretty well, but your awake periods have stretched to two hours now.  Your naps are all over the place—45 minutes to over 3 hours—but you total between 6 and 7 hours of naps a day.

You love tummy time and hold your head high, a steady stream of drool dripping from your bottom lip.  Your usual smiley humor disappears when you’re in the tummy zone, though.  Apparently, this is a very serious activity for you that requires intense concentration and maximum drool output.  (The drool is all-powerful, I’ve discovered.)  You kick your legs furiously, as if you can’t wait to crawl.  Slow down, baby!  There will be time enough for you to crawl and walk and run….

My favorite moment this month was last Wednesday night.  We were talking to your father on the computer and I was making funny sounds to get you to smile and laugh.  So far, your “laughing” has been brief a-ha sounds, followed by an open-mouthed grin.  But then I hit upon a sound that made you laugh and laugh… It was a wonderful moment, not only because it was the first time you’ve every laughed continually like that, but also because it was already April 1 in Dubai.  I think that was your birthday present to your father!

This past month marks the one year anniversary of finding out I was pregnant with you.  Those early days and weeks (and months, if I’m being honest) were nerve wracking… wondering whether I’d be able to hang onto you and keep you growing inside me.  And here we are a year later, with you growing up right in front of me!

The days are going by so fast, baby.  Four months!  Winter is a memory and spring is well and truly here.  Your father will be home soon and you can laugh and laugh for both of us.  Never stop laughing, baby.  Life is good.

Happy four month birthday!  Mama loves you.

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