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The always inspirational Shanna Germain shared an “is in love with” post on Facebook, which inspired me to write the following:

Kristina Wright is in love with: her pretty pink pedicure (polish name: Naked); the lush sensuality of Pablo Neruda’s poetry; the freedom that having a fabulous babysitter brings; the starting-to-bloom azaleas and other spring blossoms; the promise of a happy, creative spring; and the sense of returning self…

Not a bad list, is it?  The pedicure is my first since September, when my belly was already huge and baby was still three months from being born.  Much needed, it heralds the beginning of spring and warmer days.  As I was enjoying this little bit of pampering, I was thinking how it was just like that last pedicure, except my beach-ball stomach is gone and I’m now somebody’s mother.  Weird.  Wonderful.  Weird. I do love that I picked a polish called Naked.

Pablo Neruda has been on my mind lately, since Neve Black shared her passion for him on her blog.  I’ve blogged before about my love for Nerdua’s poetry… lush and sensual.  Ohhh… I do love Pablo Neruda.  I haven’t seen the movie Neve recommends—Il Postino—but I think I must.  This poem seems particularly fitting for spring:

Ode To Enchanted Light

Under the trees light
has dropped from the top of the sky,
like a green
latticework of branches,
on every leaf,
drifting down like clean
white sand.

A cicada sends
its sawing song
high into the empty air.

The world is
a glass overflowing
with water.

Oh… how can you not love Neruda?

Speaking of spring… the azaleas are beginning to bloom and that always makes me smile.  The blossoms are fleeting… like spring in the south… and to be enjoyed for the brief time they are here.

Spring brings renewal in mind and spirit and a returning sense of my own identity in the midst of motherhood.  I’m writing again and it’s like I’m just now discovering what it is to be a writer.  I’m finding myself pulled in new directions creatively, driven to reach farther that I ever have.  It’s nice to feel the pieces falling into place, in a way that is more natural than anything I could have imagined. I still feel a twinge when I leave Patrick with the babysitter he adores, but it’s not a bad feeling anymore, it’s a reminder that I am somebody’s mother.  I can still leave and be me… alone… for a time, just like always.  I am still me… I am now Mama.  Everything is the same… and everything is different. 

It’s a grand adventure, this parenthood thing.  No one told me about that part.  I heard the rainbows and flowers part, but I never heard about the adventure of seeing the world and life through new eyes.  It isn’t all rainbows and flowers—sometimes it’s hard as hell and I still have to do it (and get up tomorrow and do it again), but that’s what an adventure is.  It’s twists and turns and not knowing what’s going to happen next and crazy-making moments and moments of quiet, intense perfection.  A grand adventure.

I’m in love with a life overflowing… and this smiley, goofy little face.


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