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Tuesday, April 20th, 2010 • 4 Comments on Love Wins

I like signs. No, I’m not talking about billboards or those hideous marquee type signs or any sign that advertises anything.  Though they can be appropriated for helpful purposes:


Or just head-scratchingly amusing:


No… I mean those little signs that tell you you’re on the right track or maybe redirect you to the right track.  Or just remind you what’s important.  You know, hearing a song on the radio and the lyrics just fit your current life or situation and give you a moment of crystal clear awareness.  Or overhearing someone say something that resonates with you on some deep level you don’t even understand.  Or seeing a picture or a person who looks familiar and like someone you haven’t called in a long time and you call them, because you had that urge. And when you hang up, you’re glad you did.

True story:  I was in Target and having a bad day, wrapped in my own little cloud of despair.  I was walking down an aisle toward a woman with a baby who had something smeared all over his face.  As I passed them she said, “You are a hot mess.”  For one split moment, I thought she was talking to me.  Because, you know, I was a hot mess.  But of course she was talking to the baby.  Still, it kind of snapped me out of that moment and made me smile.  Who knows, maybe she was talking to me.

So, I was in Starbucks the other day—pause for the gasps of surprise—and on the way to order my coffee (iced venti black and white mocha, 3 pumps each, no whip, extra shot), I passed a guy with a Mac.  Of course, us Apple people are a rare and special breed—pause for acknowledgement from the downtrodden PC folks—and I acknowledged him with a smile and nod. Of course, it’s important to note that at this time I did not have my computer out and was, in fact, carrying it in my nondescript, non-Apple displaying laptop bag. So he might have thought I was hitting on him.  In any case, as I glanced away, his notebook caught my eye.  It had two stickers on it: the trademark Apple logo sticker and a sticker that said LOVE WINS.

Huh.  LOVE WINS.  Black background, white letters.  Nothing fancy.  That resonated big time.  Simple message, big meaning. LOVE WINS.  I think we forget about love in the midst of everything else.  All kinds of love—romantic love, sexual love, parental love, platonic love.  Love is all around us (to quote a song), but most of the time it’s hard to see it for all the other dreck.

Oh lord, here goes the sappy writer mama, waxing poetic about love, right?

Yeah, probably.

In any case, LOVE WINS has kind of stuck with me.  I wish I’d taken a picture of the sticker on the Mac guy’s notebook, or at least asked him where he got it, but that probably would have only added to the strange-lady-hitting-on-me vibe he was probably already getting from me.  So I Googled it, wondering where to get my own LOVE WINS sticker.  Uh oh.  Turns out it’s a Jesus thing.  So, I’m not particularly religious and the church connection is a bit off-putting, but that doesn’t change the fact that the message is true and meaningful. One of those signs.

Turns out, if you Google images of LOVE WINS, some pretty interesting things turn up (including some images of… uh… sexual love in all its glory).  Here is a sampling.

Putting blank street signs to good use:


This is lovely. Perhaps I’ll buy it for myself:


Or maybe just tattoo it on my body. Though I’d prefer a prettier script:


I had never heard of the band The Autumn Film, but Love Wins is their motto and they have an awesome sticker to go along with it:


Finally, how could I not love this one most of all?  The funny thing is, I remember getting this cup myself some time ago and the message didn’t resonate with me then the way it did when I saw the sticker on the guy’s notebook. Sigh…


No matter how it’s packaged or presented, one thing I know for sure:  Love Wins, baby.  Believe it.

(P.S. I snagged the top two pictures from Amber L. Rhea’s tumblr Shades of Mediocrity.  I love her tumblr blog, even though I can’t keep up with her posts!  It’s filled with all sorts of thought provoking stuff and awesome pictures of birds and babies and signs of all kinds.  We seem to share many of the same interests and she’s even quoted me a couple of times.  Hard not to love someone who thinks I’m quotable.)

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  • Dayle says:

    That’s really beautiful.

    My own personal mantra, which is from a song and which I’m getting a tattoo of, probably this year (a story in itself) is “The good catches up.”

  • Amber Rhea says:

    Hahaha… I was about to quote from this post and then I got to the bottom! That would be soooo meta, wouldn’t it? wink

  • Emerald says:

    Lovely and beautiful!  Love wins, indeed.  I understand finding the religious connection off-putting, but it certainly doesn’t mean any religion has a patent on such a thing (even if that might seem a [positively erroneous in my own perception] perception sometimes).  So indeed, “that doesn’t change the fact that the message is true and meaningful.”

    I find you quotable too.  wink

  • Kristina says:

    Dayle ~ I like your mantra. What song is it from?  I really want a quote tattoo… I just haven’t figured out what quote I want. Love Wins is nice, but… probably something literary for me.

    Amber ~ Thanks for stopping by. I love your tumblr!  Happy to see you also have a blog! (Posted a comment there, as well.)

    Emerald… you are beautiful inside and out. Seriously. Thank you so much.

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