Wednesday, May 12th, 2010 • 5 Comments on Homecoming!

After seven long months… Jay is home!





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  • Saskia says:

    Happy photos indeed! Made me smile, big time! smile
    Have a wonderful time, you all deserve it.

  • Teresa says:

    The Wright Family back together…very happy indeed. Wishing you long days full of hugs, kisses and baby laughter.
    Llot of love – Teresa

  • Hee hee – that’s a lot of dribble!

    You look so happy, guys – hope you have a wonderful time now you’re back together!

  • danelle says:

    ahh finally the happy family is united:-)
    damn that boy grows so fast..and patrick has grown too ..giggle*

    on the second pic you remind me of an actrice…i have her name on the tip of my tongue..h,m..dont remeber..pretty pic anyway..grin

  • Kristina says:

    Thank you, all! grin 

    Janine ~ I had a bib on Patrick until they told us the guys were coming. Except, then they *didn’t* come for another 45 minutes! So, his shirt was soaked by the time Jay arrived.

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