Power, Pleasure and Please, Sir

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Lovely and talented Rachel Kramer Bussel‘s sexy new anthology Please, Sir: Erotic Stories of Female Submission is out this month and I’m delighted to be a stop on her virtual book tour!
Please, Sir is a delicious collection of 22 stories from some of the top names in erotic fiction, including Shanna Germain, Sommer Marsden, Heidi Champa, Emerald, Alison Tyler, Charlotte Stein and Donna George Storey.  In other words, half my blogroll is in this fabulous book!  As I read it, I felt like I was the guest of honor at a very dirty party hosted by some of my very dearest friends. 

Erotic female submission is one of my favorite themes to read and write.  Writing about it can be incredibly challenging, but reading it… whew… pure pleasure!  Power exchange is hot.  Giving control of one’s body and sexuality over to another person is the ultimate in trust, so it’s no surprise that many of the stories in Please, Sir are about committed couples.  Most of the scenarios have DIY potential—a plus for those who not only enjoy reading BDSM, but also like to indulge their kinky side in real life.

I found myself nodding in agreement at Rachel’s take on female submission:

If you ask me, submission is an art form. It requires dedication, focus, commitment and desire and there’s no single way of doing it. It’s about unlocking something within yourself so you can reach beyond your normal limits, exposing your body and soul in order to go somewhere you cannot get to alone.

I had a lover who always told me that the key to life is “High risk, high reward.” The same is true about kink, and this is evident throughout the stories in Please, Sir, which explores female submission and male dominance from the sub’s point of view. When these characters take risks, they are rewarded…even when those rewards look like “punishment.”

Not everyone “gets” the pleasure/pain connection.  For those who do… Please, Sir: Erotic Stories of Female Submission is a sensual feast for the erotic imagination.  (I will be reviewing Please, Sir for the Erotica Readers and Writers Association, so look for my review in a few weeks.)

Here is the delicious book trailer for Please, Sir.  I think Rachel has outdone herself on this one!

I invite you to continue on the Please, Sir virtual book tour tomorrow at Exploring Intimacy.  And here is the entire book tour lineup. There are some excellent excerpts, interviews and conversations to be found at the previous tour stops and the rest of the month promises to bring more of the same.  Enjoy!

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(In the interest of full disclosure, I’m still kicking myself for not submitting (ha!) a story to this collection.  But pregnancy, baby and deployment issues sidelined my writing for several months and many deadlines came and went, including this one.  The writer me is disappointed, but the reader me is delighted to be reading, reviewing and promoting a book of stories on one of my favorite erotica themes by my absolute favorite editor!  Thanks, Rachel, for delivering such a sensual treat!)

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