The Time, It Flies

Wednesday, May 26th, 2010 • 1 Comment on The Time, It Flies

How is it possible that Jay has been home from deployment for two weeks already?  The time, it flies!!  It seems life has gotten busier since he got home, when I expected it to actually slow down a bit.  Hmm.

When I’m not checking the advance reviews of Fairy Tale Lust on Amazon, I’m busy doing any of a number of other things.  Such as:

—Checking my Dream Lover e-mail account for submissions to Dream Lover: Paranormal Erotic Romance.  The deadline is less than two months away!  Writers, I need your paranormal erotic romance stories!

—Moderating the Naked Reader Book Club Discussion at Eden Fantasys.  Last night was the first book club chat and Alison Tyler’s delicious Afternoon Delight was the book being discussed.  Please do join us next Tuesday, June 1, for a new discussion!

—Writing! Slowly, sporadically, but… writing!  I’ve had a couple of disappointing rejections lately (boo!) and one very nice sale, pending publisher approval (yay!).

—Co-hosting backyard cookouts. A small one on May 16; a bigger, wetter one on May 23 (and I don’t mean “wetter” in the good sense, stupid rain); and one to come on Memorial Day. Feel free to drop by, have a burger and play a wicked game of no-rules backyard badminton!

—Trying to decide if I really want to go to Orlando in July for the RWA national conference.  The change in location has me seriously waffling.  I’m thinking the conference money would be better spent on a couple of shorter vacation/book promo trips.  And the sad truth is, I don’t have a novel to pitch and that was my main reason for going this year. (Along with the literacy book signing.)  Not to mention, many of the people I want to see won’t be in attendance this year.  What to do??

—And trying to decide where to go if I don’t go to Orlando.  Chicago, to visit Sheri.  Portland (Oregon), just because—and if I can get my friend Shannon to go with me.  Where else?  I’d like to get in a little family vacation, too. I’m looking forward to traveling with Patrick.  I think.

—Adjusting to sharing parenting duties with Jay.  This is, for the most part, a very good thing.  But it is certainly an adjustment for all three of us!

What have you been up to?



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  • Danielle says:

    i so can not imagine you beeing rejected…kristian wright and teh word rejection..dont fit in the sma ecorner in my mind….as well as i can not imagine shanna to be rejected,…buugloups*

    ah..if you would ask me..i would stay away from the conference and spend it on book promotion trips…i think thats best …dont you?

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