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Wednesday, June 16th, 2010 • 1 Comment on Craig Sorensen Over at the Fairy Tale Lust Blog

Craig Sorensen is visiting the Fairy Tale Lust blog today to discuss his story “Ducking,” his writing process and his advice to aspiring authors. Please stop by and say hello!  Here is a taste of Craig’s thought-provoking interview:

What inspired you to retell this particular fairy tale?

Self image is so deeply tied to external perceptions in our society, and external perceptions are so very malleable. I started “Ducking” with the notion that this was a woman “whose time had come.” Her perceptions of herself were as other see her. Initially I worked more from the external angle; the woman became beautiful because social perceptions had shifted. But this could only be a part of the story. Blending the dynamics of shifting societal standards with self realization resulted in a story that kept to the spirit of the original tale, but cast them in a new, more modern light.

Also, I just noticed that Craig bears a striking resemblance to the Fairy Tale Lust cover model. Coincidence?

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