Red Hot Erotica and the Naked Reader Book Club

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Doesn’t that sound enticing?  I’m the book club moderator of Eden Fantasys Naked Reader Book Club and I’ll be moderating tonight’s discussion about Alison Tyler’s Red Hot Erotica. Won’t you stop by?  It’s easy to create an account!  The discussions go at break neck pace for almost four hours and are as wild and fun as you’d imagine an erotica book club to be. 


Just when you think it can’t get any hotter acclaimed author and editor Alison Tyler returns with a stunning collection of steamy and scorching erotica sure to set all your desires ablaze. With 19 sweltering stories, Tyler has arranged a fantastic set of tales that incorporate a number of genres all with one central but all too familiar theme-heat. Whether it’s the heat of bodies melding together under the sheets, or the dog-days of summer, these stories will crank the thermostat up past the breaking point.

Sex toys - EdenFantasys adult toys store  In Red Hot Erotica, literary goddess Alison Tyler takes the concept of heat and spins it around in 19 different delicious ways. In this collection, the question isn’t “Hot or Not?” it’s “Hot, Hotter or Hottest?” What qualifies as “hot” erotica is a matter of personal taste. Erotic heat is as much about an author’s storytelling ability as it is the reader’s own interests and imagination. In other words, it’s only hot if you, the reader, thinks it’s hot!

So, what makes for a steamy story that stays with you after you’ve read it? Does reading about sex in a tropical locale, such as “Las Agridulces” by Shanna Germain put you in the mood? Do you like the voyeuristic heat of stories such as Bill Noble’s “Stardrift” or do you prefer to read about a character who is the center of attention, such as Rachel Kramer Bussel’s stripper in “Cruising?”

Are first person stories (“I’m walking down Fifth Avenue on the hottest day in July.” ~ Tsaurah Litsky, “No Panties”) what steams up your glasses? Do you prefer the slow burn of third person (“Put plain and simple, Ella wanted to fuck the aristocracy.” ~ Saskia Walker, “It’s Not Just Cricket”)?

I want to know what it takes to makes a story sizzle for you, dear readers. What stories in Red Hot Erotica resonate with you? What makes erotica red hot for you? What steamy scenario do you want to experience? What sizzling fantasy do you want to write?

If you haven’t read Red Hot Erotica, you are still welcome to participate in the conversation. Stop in and tell us what kinds of stories you like to read and we will be delighted to point you toward some of the hottest erotica around!

Join us tonight!  Reading has never been so sexy…

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