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Thursday, September 9th, 2010 • No Comments on This Thing

I am procrastinating. I need to be finishing my story for Dream Lover (a hopefully dark and lovely tale about a fallen angel) and putting the finishing touches on the introduction and doing another shuffle of the stories before I dig into the edits, but… I’m procrastinating.

It’s what I do at this stage of the game. I open the files and then I minimize them.  Then I catch up on blogs and my friends’ very important Facebook updates (such as: “I have a blow pop.”) and maybe do a little blogging, Facebooking, Twittering and Tumbling myself. Then I go back to those open files of incomplete thoughts. Add a few sentences here, change a few words there. Nibble, nibble. I’ll dig in and finish the whole mess soon, soon…

Ah, but I’m procrastinating. I’m thinking about the next book(s).  The next exciting anthology I want to do.  The authors I think will be great for the collection, the stories that I’ll want. I think about the book publicity I need to do for Fairy Tale Lust. (Look for me on the Borders Books True Romance blog on October 31!)

But I need to stop thinking about the next thing and the last thing and think about this thing.  The book in front of me.  These amazing stories that I’ve nearly shaped into a book. The final choices to be made, the balance I’m hoping to achieve, the vision of the finished anthology I’ve been carrying around in my head since the spring.  It’s time to stop procrastinating.

In five more minutes.

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