Whirlwind Autumn

Sunday, September 26th, 2010 • 5 Comments on Whirlwind Autumn

October is looming and I can’t believe how much I have going on, plus the way I keep agreeing to even more stuff.  So far the list looks like this:

  • Dream Lover is due October 1
  • Jay’s CO’s farewell dinner, October 4
  • 20th wedding anniversary, October 7 (day trip to Williamsburg, most likely)
  • Possibly an anniversary brunch or gathering sometime the weekend of October 8-9
  • Solo trip to Portland, OR around October 14-17 (still need to make travel plans)
  • Definitely two readings in Portland, probably one reading in Lincoln City
  • Family trip to Chicago, mid-October to hang with best friend & gang (still need to make travel plans)
  • Much to do in Chicago (plus maybe schedule a reading?)
  • Freelance editing gig, due November 1
  • Several writing deadlines between October 15 & November 1
  • Need to pitch next anthology idea (or two)—need to brainstorm those ideas!
  • Fall goodness—decorating and pumpkin buying and nesting, whee!
  • Halloween—baby’s first!

It doesn’t seem like that much and two years ago it wouldn’t have phased me. (Last October, I was in the hugely-pregnant-totally-exhausted stage.)  But this year? Whew. Having an active little baby to factor in to all plans makes everything seem a bit more… complicated.  It’ll all work out and I’m looking forward to most of it, but boy will I be tired by the end of the month!

Luckily, things will slow down in Novem…er… next year?

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  • Did you send notices to authors for the Dream Lover antho yet? I’ve been waiting to hear and just curious.

  • Kristina says:

    Roxanne ~ No one has been notified yet. Cleis has final say on all stories, so I won’t be contacting authors until I get final approval on the TOC.

  • Thanks for the update.

    It’s good to know because some editors never send a reply if it’s a no and authors are left hanging.

  • Kristina says:

    Roxanne ~ It can be daunting, but I will send a final response to every author who submitted. I wrote over 160 replies for FTL!

  • Roxanne Rhoads says:

    wow 160 replies- you are dedicated.

    I know it can be daunting to respond to every author.

    I have worked as an editor a couple times and it can be more stressful than writing, especially when dealing with multiple authors.

    I just wish editors/publishers could just let authors know either way even a form letter is preferable over nothing at least then no one is left hanging.

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