Bad Mother

Thursday, October 28th, 2010 • 1 Comment on Bad Mother

I am a bad mother.

No, seriously.

I had no intention of dressing the kid up for Halloween. He’s 10 months old, he can’t eat candy, the trick-or-treating starts during his bathtime and continues until after he’s already in bed. Why would I dress him up?

His father thought he should have a costume. So, on October 27, we looked for a costume. (Because I am a writer, not a costume designer, and have zero sewing ability.) Target was a disaster, with Halloween stuff shoved to the side to make way for Christmas (!!!). BabiesRUs had all of a dozen costumes, but there was a 12 month Tigger costume that was relatively cute and didn’t frighten me. I felt like I was doing a different kind of walk of shame as I made my way to the register to make my last minute purchase. Other mothers had bought their children’s Halloween costumes weeks or months in advance, judging by the empty racks.  (But hey, waiting until the last minute does have it’s perks: the costume was marked down from $29.99 to $7.50.)

(Aside: I hate the kids’ costumes that have the character’s head on the hood or whatever, as if the kid has 2 heads. In this case, the hood of the TIgger costume has ears and eyebrows, but the only face will be the baby’s, peeking out from under the hood. Make sense?)

So, the kid will be Tigger for Halloween.  Which mostly means putting him in the costume, taking pictures, maybe letting him sit on my lap and hand out candy on the front porch before it’s time for bath and bed. It is the way of things, I suppose. I’ll be happy to buy (again, because I can’t sew) any costume the kid wants to wear when he’s old enough to tell me what he wants, but this year I was content to be amused by the costumes I saw in the stores and catalogs and leave the kid in his footie pajamas come sundown.

I won’t be dressing up for Halloween. There is no costume for bad mother.

(And, also, I’m a bad writer and blogger. Hello, out there!)

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