First Stories of 2011

Wednesday, January 12th, 2011 • 1 Comment on First Stories of 2011

I sold my first story of 2011 today and I submitted my first story of 2011 today.  Which felt better?  The submitting, hands down.  Sales are always lovely, as is seeing the story in print and receiving payment, but there is something even more satisfying about producing the work in the first place.  I managed to write over 2300 words today—a record number of words in I don’t know how long—as well as edit and submit a story that I really kind of like. The sense of accomplishment, especially at the beginning of the year, was pretty nice.  I’m still smiling.

Of course, the story I submitted today might very well get rejected.  The story I sold today had previously been rejected, which makes the sale that much sweeter. But it’s really not about the acceptance or the rejection, at least not today.  Today was about the completion and submission and the renewal of my creative energy after a dormant period of very little writing. It makes me want to write another story tomorrow, actually. Or maybe Thursday, since I have the baby all day tomorrow.

I don’t know what the year holds in terms of writing time and energy. I have good intentions, but life tends to get in the way of those intentions (see above about babies…). So I’ll take today’s accomplishments and be proud of them.  A sale and a submission.

Not a bad day.  Not a bad day at all.

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  • Emerald says:

    Congrats!  I hear you about the writing and actual completion.  Right now it happens that I’m in the middle of final editing for a submission to you for Best Erotic Romance.  smile  Even if/as I may seem a bit, um…anal-retentive in final editing, I do love that part of the process—because it means I have almost completed a story that seems to me fit for submission.  Very cool!


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