I Love London

Friday, January 21st, 2011 • 1 Comment on I Love London

I’m thinking about going to London. Soon. I’m always thinking about going to London, but if I don’t go sometime soon, I might not get to visit again for… awhile.  And it’s been, oh my, it’s already been nearly four years since I visited my favorite city.  How is that possible? (Answer: I was pregnant for most of 2009 and had a very little baby and a deployed husband for a good chunk of 2010.)  So, I’m thinking about going to London.  I’m looking at flights and dates, hoping to bring a friend or two along.

Every time I get the urge to visit London (which is pretty much every year at this time), I go through my old pictures.  Here I am on the steps of the National Museum with Trafalgar Square in the background. I can almost hear the traffic sounds…


I ♥ London.

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