Per My Vampire Obsession

Monday, January 17th, 2011 • 4 Comments on Per My Vampire Obsession

I bought this Friday night at Borders Books. Oh yes, I did.  I’ve been coveting it for months and now it’s mine, all mine!  My very own Vampire Diaries/Love Sucks tote bag!  It’s even large enough to carry my laptop if I can choke back my embarrassment at being a professionl writer carting around a bag advertising a teen vamp show. I linked to Amazon above, but they say it’s currently unavailable, so now I feel really special to have one of my own! Especially since I got it 50% off, plus my 10% Borders Books discount.  Sweet deal for some sexy vampires (and that girl in the middle).

Don’t mock me. I get enough of that at home.


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