Sometimes I Cry, Sometimes I Sigh

Saturday, January 29th, 2011 • 1 Comment on Sometimes I Cry, Sometimes I Sigh

Pregnancy hormones wreak havoc on my emotions. I’m already this sensitive, empathetic, wears her heart on her sleeve and her emotions on her face kind of girl, but throw in some crazy pinging hormones and I’m overly emotional for no good reason except, well, huh… just because. ::cries::

Oh, it’s probably not quite that bad, but it certainly feels like it. But it makes me wonder why my hormones work that way—feeling as if every word said in jest is meant to break my heart and every television commercial is designed to flay the skin from my emotional soul—instead of going the way of the bitch and making me angry and violent. Hmm. Shouldn’t I be all mama bear protective right now instead of helpless mewling kitten?? Please? Or even better, the bluebird of freakin’ happiness glowing from maternal joy. That would be nice, too. (Very nice for those who have to deal with me, I’m sure.)

As I remember, this hormonal stuff ebbs and flows and eventually passes entirely, though it seems to have started much earlier this time, so who knows how it’ll go for the rest of the pregnancy. Maybe the hormones will work in my favor and make me a happy, nesting little bluebird—god knows there is a lot of nesting to do before this baby comes.

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  • Nikki Magennis says:

    Hm. Interesting. I wonder why? Maybe you need to take care of yourself and cosy up for a bit? Rest a bit more?

    Every pregnancy is differnet, I suppose, but I do remember being very … mercurially emotional, and vulnerable, but also that everything kept evolving. Follow the feelings and see where they go? Trust? Do wish I was closer and could visit and give you a proper (gentle) hug!

    Sending love xxx

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