The Language of Lovers

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Dream Lover: Paranormal Tales of Erotic Romance was reviewed by the lovely and stylish Lucrezia Magazine. It’s a bit more than your average book review, with some history of the romance genre and classic tropes. I disagreed with the reviewer on a few general points as it relates to the genre—in terms of language usage and what constitutes a romance—but overall it’s a thoughtful, balanced review.  Here is a snippet:

It is difficult to approach the subject of the paranormal without traversing familiar themes, the authors within this anthology visit familiar and new territories. Within Dream Lover there are familiar creatures such as mermaids (and mermen) as well as ghosts. ‘Love Resurrection’ features a Ghost and Mrs Muir relationship with a contemporary sexual twist. ‘Dreaming by the Sea’ features the erotic reunion of a mermaid and merman. These themes are all fine and well and -in terms of the sex – indeed erotic, but I was also looking for different takes on the paranormal, and hoped that I would not come across a tome that was partially dedicated or obsessed with romantic vampires. Thankfully Dream Lover features a variety of dream creatures or paramours.  ‘Devil’s Food’ stood out in terms of its alternative setting, a bakery in Hellsedge, featuring a baker heroine who encounters a ‘dark’ broody customer of the fairy kind. ‘Living Off Lovers’ opens with suspense and a vivid psychological journey from the perspective of the heroine, whose tone deviates from the standard romantic (submissive) heroine commonly found in romantic fiction.

(Thanks to Nikki Magennis for the link to the review!)


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