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I have no idea where the first half of March has gone and why I haven’t managed at least to check in here. So sorry for those of you who might actually read my blog. I hear Facebook is making blogs obsolete, which makes me a little sad as I still regularly read at least two dozen blogs, even if I can’t manage to keep mine updated!

The first half of March has been spent working, if you can call doing what you love work.  (I guess sometimes it does feel like work, though I forget those times pretty quickly.)  I’ve been selecting stories and editing Steamlust: Steampunk Erotic Romance, which is now available for pre-order on Amazon! (This is the formerly titled Corsets and Clockworks.  Though I’d grown attached to the old title, I like the new one just fine.

I’ve done some writing lately, too.  I’ve actually subbed two stories recently, which is impressive for me these days.  Once Steamlust is shipped off in another week or so, I’m going to spend a couple of weeks dedicated to writing, writing, writing.  Just writing. Sounds like a dream, actually.  I also pitched a few new anthology ideas—a couple that I’m particularly excited about, so I hope to have a new announcement (or two) in a few weeks. 

Speaking of books… Dream Lover: Paranormal Tales of Erotic Romance is just six weeks away from being released!  Ohhhh… a new book!  I can’t wait to get my copies. Reviews are starting to pop up, like this 4-cherry review at Whipped Cream:

From mermaids to succubi to vampires, the Dream Lover anthology has it all. Stuffed full of authors both new and familiar to me, I found something to satisfy every mood I might have, as well as every mystical creature I’ve ever thought about imagining. I loved how the stories all had a similar thread running through them, but were all different enough to stand out on their own. Each will grab your attention and draw you into its own world for a moment or two before returning you home again. If you’re a lover of the exotic, erotic, and extraordinary, then this is by far the anthology for you.

Yay!! I l know I shouldn’t read reviews, but I can’t help myself (I suspect most writers/editors are the same way), so it’s always lovely to receive such glowing praise.  I’ll be doing some readings and promotional things for Dream Lover, which I’ll keep you all updated about.

I also spent a good part of March (and the last part of February, actually) sick, sick, sick.  Four solid weeks of some sort of illness.  Multiples illnesses, possibly, including an upper respiratory infection that led to an acute asthma attack that landed me in the hospital for a day in the half.  Not fun, not fun at all.  But the illness(es) seem to have passed, my energy is coming back, I’m doing well, baby is doing well and life is good.

So, what’s been going on with you? wink

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