One Down, One To Go

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Steamlust: Steampunk Erotic Romance has been delivered

by deadline

to my publisher Cleis Press, despite illness, an overnight stay in the hospital, pregnancy exhaustion, lack of caffeine and a week alone with baby while Jay was in California. Yes, I’m proud of making deadline. I’m anal retentive like that. It’s probably a good thing I don’t have an end of August deadline or I’d likely be furiously writing and editing while delivering this baby!

In any case, Steamlust is a wonderful collection with some truly amazing and imaginative steampunk stories, filled with romance and eroticism.  New York Times bestselling author of steampunk romance Meljean Brook penned the foreword and says:

Turn the page with me, and step into the new worlds these authors have built—worlds where airships rule the skies, where romance and intellect are valued over money and social status, where lovers boldly discover each other’s bodies, minds, and hearts.

This is steampunk . . . written extra hot, for double the steam.

Oooh… Meljean is a brilliant steampunk romance author (and so, so sweet!), so I’m delighted she enjoyed the collection and contributed to the book. If you like steampunk (or want a better idea of what steampunk romance is all about), I highly recommend her book The Iron Duke.  It’s the first in The Iron Seas series (the second book, Heart of Steel, comes out in November).  I was about a quarter of the way through reading The Iron Duke when I knew I had to ask Meljean if she’d consider writing the foreword for Steamlust. I’m so pleased that she did!

For those of you who submitted a story for consideration, please be patient. I will notify you soon as I have final approval from Cleis.  Believe me, I’m just as anxious to announce this terrific table of contents. Until then (or at least for the next 11 days), perhaps you might consider a distraction: Best Erotic Romance 2012 is open for submissions until April 15!


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