I Want to Know What Love Is

Tuesday, May 10th, 2011 • No Comments on I Want to Know What Love Is

I’m just popping in to share a snippet of my Friday Oh Get a Grip! post.  This time it’s all about love:

Here’s the thing I’ve only figured out in the past few years—love isn’t received or processed in the same way by everyone. What I might consider the most loving gesture I can make can be considered smothering or received as criticism. And I know I haven’t always accepted gestures of love in the spirit they were intended. I need to be loved with words, because words are what I understand. I need to be loved with small gestures, like emails and text messages, because that constant emotional contact sustains my sensitive soul. I need to be loved with a single flower or one perfect cupcake, a song that reminds you of me, a 25¢ toy from a gumball machine, just because. It’s remembering I said I wanted to go to that place sometime or that I really want one of those things—and then taking me there or getting me one. That’s what love is to me. I also need to be loved with the word “yes” because—to me—love is being supportive of any crazy thing I want to do. Saying “Yes!” to my madness is saying you love me. And saying “Yes!” to you is me telling you I love you and support you and believe in you. I guess my version of love is the opposite of tough love—it’s marshmallow fluff love.

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