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I’m heading out of town for the weekend, but I wanted to point you over to Oh Get A Grip!.  This week’s topic is “The Road Not Taken.”  Here’s a snippet from my column:

A Long and Winding Road
by Kristina Wright

If I had been my mother’s daughter, I would never have been a writer. My mother’s talent was in art and music—she did not read and, with an 9th grade education, she did not write. She did not understand my love of books, of words, of storytelling. She didn’t understand how I could sit in my room all day, all alone, reading a book.

My mother did not like sitting still, she did not like being alone and the only books I can remember seeing her read were cookbooks (rarely) and the Bible (which I don’t recall seeing her read until she went through some sort of mid-life finding religion experience). Oh, and when I was around 12, I remember finding a tattered copy of Peyton Place tucked in her nightstand. I never read the book, but I suspected it was something “dirty” that I wasn’t going to be allowed to read anyway. I was often in trouble for reading “dirty” books like Judy Blume’s Forever and Wifey, and romance novels with open bodices and shirtless men on the covers.

And do stop back by tomorrow when the lovely and talented Shanna Germain will be guest blogging on the same topic. There have been some really terrific, thoughtful columns this week and I’ve appreciated the insights into other people’s lives and the choices they’ve made. Life is a funny thing sometimes.

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