Steamlust: Steampunk Erotic Romance

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Now that I’ve turned in Best Erotic Romance 2012, I wanted to share the table of contents for Steamlust: Steampunk Erotic Romance!  I’m very excited about this collection—the first of its kind, as far as I know.  This is a fabulous book (with a gorgeous cover, I couldn’t be more delighted!) with delicious steampunk stories from fourteen authors and a foreword by steampunk romance author Meljean Brook!

Steamlust: Steampunk Erotic Romance

Table of Contents


Meljean Brook

Introduction: A Passion for Steampunk

Iron Hard

Sylvia Day

Heart of the Daedalus

Saskia Walker

Fog, Flight and Moonlight

Sacchi Green

The Undeciphered Heart

Christine d’Abo

Mr. Hartley’s Infernal Device

Charlotte Stein

A Demonstration of Affection

Elizabeth Coldwell


Vida Bailey


Anna Meadows

Green Cheese

Lisabet Sarai

Lost Souls

Andrea Dale

Golden Moment

Lynn Townsend


Mary Borsellino

Make Your Own Miracles

Nikki Magennis

Rescue My Heart

Anya Richards


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