To Do List, Continued From Yesterday

Thursday, June 2nd, 2011 • 2 Comments on To Do List, Continued From Yesterday

So, yeah, that was a little ambitious of me yesterday.  But today’s a new day and there are still things on yesterday’s list to complete:

**UPDATED at 11:20 PM**


Finish writing my story for Best Erotic Romance 2012.

2. Finish writing my introduction for BER.  (DONE TODAY!)


Finish editing BER.

4. Print BER, do final read-through/proofread, make corrections as necessary. (DONE TODAY!)

5. Finish writing story for Rachel Kramer Bussel’s Curvy Girls anthology. (Half-finished.)


Stop by store on the way home and pick up bananas (for raccoons) and big bottle of Tums (for me).


Take care of baby after 4 PM. Play, feed, cuddle, bedtime (around 7 PM).


Eat at least a couple of times. Take Tums after every meal, no matter how bland.

9. Email final draft of BER to publisher. (DONE TODAY!)

10. Print final copy of BER and package to mail tomorrow.

11. Proofread Curvy Girls story and submit to RKB.

12. Draft blog post for Oh Get a Grip! on the topic of Writing Pressure. (Ha!) (If time.) (WRITTEN AND POSTED TONIGHT!)

13. Write and post link for next week’s Naked Reader Book Club discussion. (If time.)


Catch up on work-related emails. (If time.)

15. Finish paying bills from yesterday. (If time.)

16. Start drafting discussion for next week’s talk at Fountain Bookstore. (If time.)


Put away dishes in dishwasher and on counter.


Shower, eat again, make to do list for tomorrow, fall into bed.

Plus, for today:

1. Drop off my car at the mechanic. (DONE!)

2. Answer new work-related emails. (DONE!)

3. Make Richmond reservations with Sheri.

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  • Jennifer says:

    a LITTLE ambitious? wink

  • Kristina says:

    Um… yeah… about that… smile  But I did get the biggest part of it done—the book is edited and just needs to be proofread (and I need to finish writing my introduction). Plus I wrote a bunch of pages! So today it should be a breeze to finish the rest of the list.  Hahahahaha…

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