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Friday, October 14th, 2011 • No Comments on Gripping Stuff

My post this week at Oh Get A Grip! is about works in progress, the apocalypse and NaNoWriMo. Or something like that…

Confession: I chose this week’s theme “Work in Progress” because I’m lazy. I thought it would be easy enough to open up one of my files, copy and paste some text, write, “This is what I’m working on” and my OGGbligation for the week would be met. I’m a slacker. I suck.

Confession: I am contemplating participating in National Novel Writing Month this year. Insane, I know. I don’t even have the time to write my weekly OGG posts and I’m thinking about writing a novel in a month.

What does the apocalypse have to do with my slackerdom and NaNoWriMo? Here’s the rest, if you want to find out: The Apocalypse is Nigh, Or: Confessions of a Slacker.

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