Making a List, Checking It Twice

Monday, November 14th, 2011 • 2 Comments on Making a List, Checking It Twice

The last few weeks of 2011 are going to pass by in a blur. First, there are the writing and editing goals and deadlines:

—Finish my NaNoWriMo novel (ha!)
Duty and Desire anthology: read stories, choose stories, write my story, write my introduction, put everything in order, edit, submit…
—Finally get this nonfiction proposal written and submitted
—Write several stories for various January/February deadlines
—Brainstorm new anthology ideas
—Write a nonfiction essay about Patrick and music
—Review two books I have been hauling around for a month
—Write my OGG columns in a timely fashion (for a change)
—Pay Best Erotic Romance authors
—Lineup interviews/reviews/promo for Best Erotic Romance

Then there are the various appointments coming up (or to be scheduled):
—My GP this week to go over various tests I’ve had in the past month
—My gynecologist next week for postpartum follow up
—2 month baby wellness appointment for Lucas
—2 year vaccines and appointment for Patrick
—Massage appointment to use gift certificate I’ve had since last Christmas
—Hair appointment for pre-holiday color touchup and maybe a cut
—Eye appointment/new glasses/glasses adjustment (if I can squeeze it in)

And the holiday festivities:
—Sheri will be here Saturday for our annual 10 days of Thanksgiving fun and feasting
—Patrick’s birthday party to plan and celebrate
—Thanksgiving (plan dinner, prepare dinner, enjoy dinner!)
—Favorite writer friend coming for a brief visit at the beginning of December (yay!)
—Shopping for Thanksgiving dinner, Patrick’s birthday, Hanukkah and Christmas
—Holiday cards (buy, write, address, mail)
—Get pictures printed to put in holiday cards
—Holiday decorating (need Christmas stocking for Lucas)
—New Year’s Eve (?)
—Plan New Year’s Day brunch (?)
—Holiday baking!

And then there’s the general day-to-day stuff and lists… including picking up a new planner so I can start penciling in dates and deadlines for 2012! It’s a busy few weeks ahead and it’ll be 2012 before I can catch my breath, but it should all be pretty good (except the medical stuff we’re trying to resolve). Lucas seems to be sleeping through the night (8 hours the past two nights), I’m finally getting over whatever cold virus I’ve had for the past week and things are generally falling into a rhythm with two babies in the house. Patrick has been a little off lately (with the same cold I had, I think, and maybe teething?) and very clingy with me (something he’s never been), but it’s been manageable and I’m hoping he’ll be his usual cheerful self through the holidays. I’m excited about sharing his birthday and Christmas with him this year when he is more likely to understand the celebrations. Having Lucas sleep through the night is really going to be icing on the holiday cake.

Of course, the last thing on my to do list for 2011 is making my list of goals and resolutions for 2012. So far, plans include a trip to the UK, a new tattoo, some sort of real exercise plan and maybe guitar lessons. More to come!

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