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The Wrights on Christmas morning. There are FOUR of us now!

In order to write the year in review, I have to actually slow down and think about it. It’s been a whirlwind year—another one, actually—and there is so much to remember and be grateful for and to move forward from.

This year, I saw the release of three new anthologies. Dream Lover hit the shelves in May, Steamlust in October and Best Erotic Romance in December. This editing gig is awesome, I love it. I love getting to work with authors I’ve long admired, I love getting to tell a new author that I’m buying her first story, I love hearing that readers and reviewers enjoyed the books. It’s a joy and a pleasure to do this job and I’m so grateful to Brenda and Felice and Kat and Kara and the rest of the wonderful team at Cleis Press for being so amazing to work with. I signed contracts for two more anthologies this year, Lustfully Ever After, due out in May and Duty and Desire, due out sometime in the fall. I don’t have a contract for the next edition of Best Erotic Romance yet, but I’m looking forward to discovering new stories and authors.

In other writing news, I was invited to join the group author blog Oh Get a Grip! I’ve followed the blog almost since the beginning, and I was truly honored by the invitation. I think I’ve written some of my most honest and real stuff over there and in some ways I feel like OGG has helped me find my true voice again. And I didn’t even know it was lost.

Thanks to Lisabet Sarai, I’ll not only be continuing my blogging at OGG in 2012, I’ll also be blogging once a month at the Erotica Readers and Writers Association blog. That will be fun—and I’m so delighted to be a part of such a wonderful writing community. I hope to expand my writing circles in 2012, both at conferences and readings and also locally.

I can’t say much about it yet because I’m still waiting on the contract, but I’m working on a new writing project. It’s an exciting opportunity and I’m thrilled about it. The next few months will be intense, writing a lot, promoting my forthcoming anthologies, pitching new ideas, expanding my horizons. But I’m not ready to talk about 2012 yet. I’m still taking a look at 2011.

Editing anthologies ate up a lot of my work time this year, between calls for submissions, choosing stories, writing introductions and my own stories, editing the manuscripts, promoting the books, etc. But I did have a few new writing sales that I’m proud of, including the first story I wrote after Patrick was born. It seemed to take awhile for me to bounce back to my writerly self after Patrick, but with Lucas it felt like I hit the ground running as soon as I was out of the hospital. I turned in Lustfully Ever After two days before he was born and was promoting Steamlust and editing galleys two weeks after he arrived.

The year has been a good one in so many ways. New books, new contracts, new writing and editing opportunities—and a shiny new baby and Jay home for the entire year. Patrick turned two at the beginning of the month and Lucas will be four months old on New Year’s Day. Two babies under two! I used to cringe at the idea and pity the women who were going through it—and now it’s me and yes, it’s challenging and exhausting, but it’s also amazing and fun (most days).

It boggles my mind sometimes that I’ve accomplished anything this year besides keeping the babies alive and healthy—and maintaining the bare minimum of hygiene for myself—even while I find myself wishing I had done more. But that’s the nature of this writer thing, isn’t it? Never being content, always wanting to do more, write more, be better. Or maybe it’s just me.

2011 was a year of personal growth—and I don’t just mean my expanding pregnant belly. I have learned to speak up and ask for what I need instead of worrying about upsetting or inconveniencing others. I am giving up on the notion of being superwoman and now I’m simply trying to do as much as I can and maintain my balance. I have learned that the things that are important will get done and the things that don’t get done probably aren’t all that important. Jay and I celebrated our 21st wedding anniversary.  He is an amazing man and supports me in every way, keeping me grounded and also reminding me I have wings. What a ride it has been with him!

I spent time with old friends and I connected with writing friends, both of which fed my soul. I daydreamed about traveling, though I didn’t get farther than Baltimore this year. I watched my babies grow and thrive and marveled that my almost-45 year old body was able to produce such beautiful kiddos.

It’s been a year of change, of exhaustion, of joy, of frustration, of love. Boundless love. I have been more happy than sad. I have been more excited than scared. I have gained more than I have lost. I am stronger and wiser and more at peace with my life than I have been in a long, long time. It’s been a damn good year.

Onward to 2012.


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  • Emerald says:

    What a beautiful post, Kristina.  I’m so happy for you, and it’s been such an honor and delight for me to get to work with you this year.  Hugs and love and all best to you and yours always.


  • Kristina says:

    Thank you, Em! It was wonderful to work with you, meet you and get to know you better this year! (And I owe you an email…) Love and hugs!

  • Saskia says:

    You’re such an inspiration! And I love that photo.
    Here’s to 2012. Hoping it brings you all many more good things.

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