December, Almost Gone

Thursday, December 29th, 2011 • 1 Comment on December, Almost Gone

I have been neglecting my blog in that end-of-the-year mad rush to complete everything now so I can start the new year fresh. But January 1 is just a date on the calendar and any day is a good day to start fresh, right? I think I go through periodic phases of non-blogging because I want to start over here, too. Start fresh with a new look, a different approach. Changes are coming, but they might take a little while.

We had three house guests in the span of a month and I had some lovely days with a writer friend and some terrific conversations and some not-so-productive work days because of it. The holidays have come and gone—Lucas’s first Christmas (sniffle) and Patrick’s third Christmas (third?!). I’ve been sick, I’ve been frantic, I’ve been sad and happy. We put up the Christmas tree terribly late and I never did send out cards (though I hope to send them out in January). I still have gifts that need to be mailed, too. I mostly let go of my expectations for the holidays this year—I just had a baby less than four months ago, after all! That’s an excuse for at least a little while longer, right?

I got some good writing news that one day I’ll be able to share. It’s a project I’m excited about and that will translate into some really fun writing days in 2012. I am nearly finished with Duty and Desire after a lot of hair pulling and hand twisting. I don’t know if it was the military theme or the time of the year I was looking for submissions or what, but it seemed like no one was interested in writing military erotic romance even if everyone seems to be reading it. Oh well… I’m really pleased with how it’s coming together, even if it has taken longer than I anticipated.

I’m contemplating New Year’s resolutions, goals, plans and trips. 2012 is this bright shiny thing on the horizon with infinite (or nearly infinite) possibilities… and yet I know time will impact me more than it ever has and I will be frustrated by all the things I want to accomplish that fall by the wayside because I run out of time. Sigh. But I would truly rather have too much on my plate than not enough.

I hope your holiday season has been bright and merry. I hope your new year is shaping up to be a thing of wonder and beauty. I hope I will be back in here in a day or two to report on my resolutions and goals. I have hope.

Keep the faith, okay?

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  • Jo says:

    Yup, I’m I got nothing for military romance – not my thing.

    So glad to hear you using the ‘I had a baby four months ago’ explanation. Right? is right!

    I failed to do cards this year, and my baby is four YEARS old. Actually I lost them, and couldn’t bring myself to buy more. Bought some in the sales…

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