February 20th, Already?

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I don’t know where this month is going. Okay, I do. I’ve been sick, the babies have been sick, the babysitter has been sick. I have been writing and editing and taking care of sick babies and trying to rest and take care of myself. That’s where this month is going. Valentine’s Day was not fun—sickness, tears, whining. And that was just me. (No, not kidding.) But I am feeling better (knock wood) and I’m focused on upcoming deadlines, metaphorically circled in red on the calendar of my mind.

At the moment, I have three


projects with April 1, June 1 and August 1 deadlines. That doesn’t leave a lot of slack in my schedule for illness or laziness or pretty much anything else. It is amazing, wonderful, fantastic to be so busy, to be doing the work I love so much. It’s also nerve wracking, frustrating and panic inducing at times. Balance, balance. All I can do is put my head down and do the work and hope I hit each deadline. I usually do. But again, there really isn’t a lot of play in my schedule this year. Being late on one deadline is likely to push back another deadline, etc. (Panic, panic!)

I have the less time sensitive deadlines and the weekly/monthly deadlines, too. The blog posts I’ve promised to write, the radio interviews that I’m agreeing to, the last Naked Reader Book Club chat, the first Erotica Readers and Writers Association erotic romance chat, etc. These are the things that writers rarely consider when daydreaming about their future writing career (at least I didn’t daydream about them), but they’re important and worthwhile and even fun (mostly). I’m still not a big fan of live interviews, though.

So, back to the grindstone, also known as my corner table at Starbucks. I’ll have various links and book covers and announcements and what not soon… not to mention the project update for this month (I’m doing surprisingly well!) and the project list for March. I know of at least one project I want to add to the list—and I’m grateful to say it is


writing or editing related. Ha!

Hope you are having a sweet and lovely February…

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