May: The month in review

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And here we are, wading into summer. After the blur of April, May was a pleasure. But then, any month in which I don’t almost die is a good month, right? And it was my birthday month, which made it all the sweeter. I lived to be 48! Hurrah!

Roadside turtle rescue

Roadside turtle rescue

I’ve had 41.5 work hours this month– more than any other month this year (and far better than the 7 I managed in April, even if I did have a good excuse.). And I’ve been productive! Many words have been written!

I joined the bloggers at this month and have already logged several posts. You can visit my profile and my posts here: Kristina Wright @

It’s been a fun experience so far, though I’m figuring out there is a big difference between writing essays or stories and blogging for a site where the goal is readership. Of course I love to know my words are being read, that maybe what I write is helpful or entertaining, but I’ve never had to really think too much about how many readers I have. Blogging professionally has shifted my focus somewhat, maybe making me less focused on what I want to write and more focused on what readers want to read. It’s not a bad thing, just different. Like the difference between writing stories and editing anthologies. A good skill to practice.

I’ve also sold a couple more pieces to The Mid this month and one of them went up Friday. My profile is here: Kristina Wright @ The Mid. My newest piece, Is Parenting by Benign Neglect Really Such a Bad Thing?, is a little more serious than the other pieces I’ve written there. It’s fun to have a platform for sharing both my serious opinions and lighter fare. My next essay for The is a nostalgia piece: 5 Things I Miss About the 90s. That was a fun one to write!

My favorite byline this month, and possibly for the entire year, is the essay I sold to Narratively. I love this website, love the editorial staff, love the entire concept of long-form journalism and essays and videos on one beautifully illustrated and photographed website. Utterly charming. And so I was absolutely thrilled that my essay “Where Babies Come From” found a home at Narratively, retitled as How to Have Fun When They Say You Can’t Conceive. It is more personal than anything I’ve ever written and I have found I can’t reread it now that it’s been published. Sex is used as a framework for the story, though it’s not erotic (I don’t think) and it isn’t really about sex at all. The response to it has been phenomenal and I’m so pleased it is at Narratively.

In other news, while I was writing, my publisher was imploding. Cleis Press still exists as an imprint of Start Publishing, though it’s anyone’s guess what that means for my books. I guess I’ll find out in July, which is when my next anthology, Best Erotic Romance of the Year, Volume 1 (formerly Best Erotic Romance 2015) is due to be published. Until then, if you know anyone who needs a job, they’re hiring. I received a lot of condolences over this train wreck situation, but I’ve had months to get used to the idea that no one is really looking out for me and that I just have to roll with it and take care of my own interests. And so I am. To be honest, warning bells had been ringing in my ears for even longer than that, so I’m mostly just amused by everything that’s happened. (C’mon, the juxtaposition of publisher resigns/hiring publisher links is funny, right?)

Meanwhile, I’m not currently editing any erotica anthologies, but I did write one short story this month for Sacchi Green’s Best Lesbian Erotica 2016. It’s a wonderful series and I hope it will continue to be published for many years to come. I’ll be honored if my story makes the cut.

This month I celebrated my birthday and Mother’s Day quietly with family and friends. We saw the movie Home (mostly amusing because I could see Jim Parsons as Sheldon), went to a baseball game, grilled out and enjoyed the unofficial beginning of summer. Speaking of summer, we took the boys to Busch Gardens last week, beating both the worst of the heat and the crush of the crowd because the kids are still in school. They’re both anxious to ride the big roller coasters, but aren’t quite tall enough for them yet. Probably next year.

I saw the The Age of Adaline this month and enjoyed it, despite a few plot problems. (But Harrison Ford was in it, so I can be very forgiving.) I’m currently reading The Weight of Blood by Laura McHugh, continuing my streak of mysteries and thrillers. I’m really enjoying it. I’ll probably finish it while I’m sitting in the doctor’s office this week, wrapping up the last of my tests and appointments from my illness in April. It’s been a long process, but it’ll be nice to get the “all clear” and know I’m healthy.

We visited Charleston, SC over the Memorial Day weekend. We lived in the area for seven years, but moved away in 2000. It’s incredible how it’s grown. I’m feeling pulled to the area (and so is Jay), and so it was both a trip for fun as well as a trip to explore and consider whether we might want to move back there. With Jay’s retirement from the Navy approaching, the whole world is opening up to us. We can finally choose where we want to live, if we want to move. It’s a big decision– and it will be a major headache if we do move, as we have a house to sell here. But it was a fun, if exhausting, trip and I imagine we’ll go back soon. If I believed in signs (which maybe I do), I would believe that’s where we’re supposed to be. So we’ll see.

Clementine is having a lazy summer

Clementine is going to have a lazy summer

And that’s May. Not terribly dramatic, but quietly pleasing. I like that. It’s been a good month for the writer and for the birthday girl. And now I’m looking toward June and wondering what will come. There will be more words, though perhaps not as many as in May, as school will be out and I’ll have both boys full-time again. But we’ll see. I’m getting better at managing a little writing time here and there when I’m home with them. But even if I don’t, there will be summer camp (2 weeks) in July, Jay’s retirement (which means he’ll be home/off for a few weeks before he starts his new job) and then… back to school in August! I’m not in a rush for that, but I am excited about the possibilities when it comes.

I hope you’ve had a lovely May… thanks for reading!

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