Fierce and Fearless in 2016

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Here I go, into 2016 and adventures unknown. What I know is both kids will be in school at least 3 days a week until June 1, Jay will continue teaching middle school at least through June when he completes the requirements for his license and I will keep doing what I do best– write. What I don’t know is where I’ll be living after the school year comes to a close, as we will likely move before the new school year starts in the fall. I keep saying “likely” though I know it’s a near certainty, barring any unforeseen circumstances (which is nothing to scoff at, as I had several unforeseen circumstances in 2015). And so, with a move in mind, and changes I can only imagine, here are my goals for 2016:

Do my best to stay alive. This is last year’s “Drink more water” resolution, now with a lot more awareness of my own mortality and how quickly things can go from, “I don’t feel well” to “I think I have the flu” to “We weren’t sure you were going to make it.” So, with that in mind– and with the full knowledge that some health issues can’t be prevented, only managed– I will be aware of my health in 2016 and not take chances.

Find our last house. After almost 16 years in our current house, we’re ready to move on. But it’s hard, finding the right place to live (we’ve already changed our minds a couple of times) and the right home. I’ve said that I want our next house to be our last house– I want this yet-to-be-revealed house to be the home my children grow up in, the house we retire in, the place our kids return to for holidays and vacations after they’ve gone off to build their own lives. I want my dream house and I know no such thing exists, but I want to come as close to possible and begin our new life in our new home.

Make a few friends. I have friends of all backgrounds all over the world, but it’s hard to maintain in-person friendships when my job is fairly solitary and I spend most of my non-writing time with kids. With a new house comes new friends and I hope to find a few new friends who get me. Birds of a feather, as it were. Writers, creative types, dreamers who are still grounded in the real world, people with optimistic spirits and kind hearts. All the better if they love books and movies.

Write more, aim bigger. The bulk of my writing this year has been nonfiction– something I didn’t think I could write, much less sustain all year. I love it, but I miss fiction. And so, in 2016, I want to write as much NF as I did this year while also getting back to fiction writing. As far as aiming bigger– I want to pitch and submit to those dream publications, editors and publishers that are on my list and shoot for bigger projects across the board. Who knows, maybe 2016 will also be the year I finally self-publish something, which scares the crap out of me, but it’s good to be scared because  it means I’m challenging myself.

Take care of myself and what I love. This goes back to #1, but it also ties into all the things that are important to me. My husband, my children. My true friends. My writing. My home. My pets. My causes. My heart. I need to take care of them all and not give my time and energy to anything (or anyone) that steals my joy, undermines my goals or hurts my heart (or the heart of those I love).

I’m going into 2016 fiercely and fearless– motivated, strong, loved, changed. It’s going to be a beautiful year. I’m ready.

Happy 2016!


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