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Our dream house!

Our dream house!


The story of our house…

It’s been over a year since we decided we wanted to move and started looking at houses. We began looking in South Carolina and from last spring until late summer, we thought we’d end up in Summerville, just outside of Charleston. But come last fall, realizing we’d miss the change of seasons (among other things), we changed our minds and started looking farther north in Virginia and ultimately focused around Richmond. I don’t know how many houses we’ve been in–probably over 50 in 2 states–and we’ve ruled out hundreds more online.

We liked one house well enough to consider making an offer, but the house sold before we could get a second look. We were quicker to make an offer on the next house we liked, but someone else beat our offer. The third house seemed to be a sure thing–on the market for nearly a year–and we made an offer last Tuesday. The owners bought it at the height of the market and wanted to go back and forth over what they wanted vs. what it was worth and what we were willing to pay. Had they accepted our first offer, or even the second, we would not have seen the fourth house. And while I liked those three houses well enough to be able to imagine living there, none of them seemed to be THE house. None were our house.

Jay found the fourth house last Thursday while we were negotiating on the third house. Since he was on spring break this week, we drove up to see it Friday morning. I had joked after losing the first house we liked before we could even make an offer that I need longer than 30 minutes in a house to decide whether I want to live in it the rest of my life. Turns out, I was wrong. We both immediately fell in love with this house and were ready to make an offer before we’d even seen the upstairs. I literally teared up at the thought of living there. We made an offer within 2 hours and signed the contract on the drive home (yay, technology). We were told there was another offer coming in and more showings over the weekend  and they wouldn’t be deciding until Sunday evening. In the meantime, we sold our house Friday night after only 2 days on the market and amended our offer to sweeten the deal and hopefully beat any other offers.


It’s all happened very fast and it was an incredibly long and stressful weekend. But on Sunday evening right before we sat down to have dinner, our real estate agent texted, “Congratulations!”

We got our house.


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